Incoming Seventh Graders

7th Grade Welcome Packet 

At Ranch View Middle School, we welcome our sixth grade feeder elementary school students during our virtual visits in January of each year. Feeder schools are Eldorado Elementary, Stone Mountain Elementary, Roxborough Primary, Saddle Ranch Elementary, Coyote Creek Elementary and Trailblazer Elementary. Our counselors and administrative team join our incoming feeder elementary school's class virtually sharing information about Ranch View Middle School. During this time they share information about classes and the registration process.

Ranch View Middle School has an event specially tailored to our incoming seventh graders called Peek at the Pack. Peek at the Pack is typically in late July with a morning and afternoon session. If you are interested in having your student attend, please sign up below. Peel at the Pack is optional and registration for this event is required. Please see our Peek at the Pack website for more information.

If you do not attend an RVMS feeder elementary school, please reach out to our bookkeeper, Mandy Grosh, for a registration link: [email protected].  

If your student has Open Enrolled to one of our feeder elementary schools and does not live in the ThunderRidge feeder area, please open enroll your student to Ranch View Middle School here. Elementary students automatically roll to their neighborhood Middle School, not the Elementary feeder Middle School. 

Welcome to our Wolf Pack! Go Wolves!