8 Arctic Weekly Activities 2019-2020

WEEK 1 AUG. 17-AUG. 21
Mon:  Elearners only
Tues: Group A1 orientation
Wed: Group A2 orientation
Thurs: Group B1 orientation
Fri: Activity: Group B2 orientation

WEEK 2 AUG. 24-AUG. 28
Mon= Group A: Superhero Picture Group B: Alpha Autobiographies
Tues= Group A: Alpha Autobiographies Group B: Superhero Picture
Wed= Group A: Share Superhero, school pictures & Best activity
Thurs= Group A: Alpha Autobiographies Group B: Deputy Sandifer (Relationships Part 1) 
Fri= All groups remote= rose & thorn about the week.

WEEK 3 AUG. 31-SEPT. 4
Mon=A: 6 Most important decisions B: Alpha-Autobiographies
Tues= A: Alpha-Autobiographies B: 6 MID
Wed= A: 6 MID share out B: Alpha-Autobiographies
Thurs= A: Alpha-Autobiographies B: 6 MID share out
Fri= Virtual google classroom assignment

WEEK 4 SEPT. 7- SEPT. 11
Tues=A: Deputy Sandifer Relationships https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YO7lZRwTmGQFJUxyCSek0mZXs5gddQosnDyb60WhoMU/edit   B: Smart Goals
Wed= A: Smart Goals B: Stress Management Activity
Thur= A: Stress Management Activity B: Smart Goals
Fri= A: Virtual with A only (Deputy Sandifer questions) B: Fun Friday Activity

WEEK 5 SEPT. 14-SEPT. 18
Mon=A: Emergenetics Mental Illness B: My stress management Plan
Tues= A: My Stress Management Plan B: Emergenetics, Mental Illness
Wed= A: Deputy Sandifer Relationships (refer to link above) B: Defense Mechanisms
Thurs= A: MI work day B: Defense Mechanisms 
Fri= All groups meet virtually

WEEK 6 SEPT. 21-SEPT. 25