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Welcome to Ranch View Middle School. My name is Erin Kyllo and I have the honor of being the middle school principal. My family moved to Colorado from Minnesota last summer and we are ecstatic to be here! I moved into the Principal’s office after 16 fulfilling years in the classroom, followed by an exciting year as an Administrative Dean. This will be my fourth year as a Middle School Principal, I look forward to each and every day! I feel so lucky to join the Ranch View Staff and I am beyond thrilled to be part of this wonderful community. I look forward to another  tremendous year of learning and growing with students, staff and families. 

I am committed to high levels of learning and excellence for every child, every day.  Every student is valued and worthy of our personal best.  Ranch View has a strong reputation for providing quality education for our students. We are committed to helping each child develop academically, socially, and physically in a safe and welcoming school that includes partnerships with our community. 

I believe no significant learning happens without significant relationships. I want our students to feel loved and supported while they thrive in an environment that has high expectations and provides real-world learning opportunities. Students will experience collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Ranch View Middle School exists to provide a high-quality International Baccalaureate education that develops inquiring, caring, open-minded, and thoughtful students who demonstrate intercultural understanding and respect for all people. IB provides students with multiple advantages as they embark on their educational journey! 

I have an open door policy, please feel free to call or stop in for a visit anytime. I am open, honest, and empathic. I will always follow my “True North” which is…..what is best for kids! I look forward to working in partnership with you! Feel free to contact me with any questions. 


Erin M. Kyllo

1731 W. Wildcat Reserve Parkway

Highlands Ranch, CO 80129



The Douglas County Healthy Youth Coalition (DCHYC) is excited to announce our upcoming webinar! On the evening of May 5th 2021, 6:00pm to 7:30pm. Registration link


How To Have Hard Conversations and Create Inclusive Communities.

Hosted by: Rosalind Wiseman, New York Bestselling Author and Educator  

How do we make an inclusive community where everyone feels a sense of belonging? How can we have honest conversations about discrimination, bias and bigotry that brings us closer as a community? How do we integrate the principles of dignity with members of our community, as well as further anti-discrimination work? While this topic for many can be uncomfortable, it is efforts like these that build our capacity to be a place of dignity for all. This is a solution focused learning opportunity and is not geared toward shaming dominant cultures or races.    

Increased knowledge and skills to support school and community’s efforts to promote diversity and equity by covering the following topics:

- Bridge understanding about forms of discrimination/bias so that various community constituents feel heard and acknowledged

- Support anti-discrimination and inclusivity in all expressions of sexual orientation

- Facilitate conversations by defining the difference between a curious question that brings people of different experiences and opinions together, rather than a question that reinforces bias and alienation between individuals in our community

- Develop parents’ and other trusted adults’ skills to contribute to a culture of dignity in schools and the community

We intend to provide ongoing learning opportunities like this one over the coming months and years that focus on building the knowledge, skills and abilities of our families, trusted adults and our youth. 

We will be working collaboratively with our members and organizational stakeholders; Tri-County Health Department, Mental Health professionals, Douglas County School District Health Wellness and Prevention (HWP) and Counseling department teams, Douglas County Mental Health Initiative, Faith community and countless others to deliver valuable ongoing learning opportunities that focus on health and well-being topics.

If you would like to learn more, follow us on Twitter@DougCoPrevent,  Instagram @DCHYC, Facebook or sign up to receive our monthly newsletter through our website:

We are excited to share the link for your families/staff to register for our Spring Break Program. Since school is closed the week of March 15th, we are offering food to help folks through the entire break, not just the weekend!

Please inform your families/staff of this opportunity, we'd hate for them to miss out! Those who already use our weekend program will be contacted directly by us as well. Thank you for all you do to help your students,
their families, and your staff!

FYI - this program is available to school families and school staff, everyone should use this same registration form.

Like always, please let us know if you have any questions :)
June Everett


Free Meals for all students ages 18 and under

Starting September 18, Remote Meals will now be distributed on Fridays at the Traditional Elementary and Middle Schools to any DCSD student. No pre-order necessary.  Meals may be picked up at the RVMS front entrance. 

Pick Up Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Friday ONLY 
Pick up times are the same at ALL schools providing Remote Meals

5-Day Lunch and Breakfast:  These meals will be offered to ANY child 18 & under.  The meals will consist of 5 Breakfasts and 5 Lunches. Parents can choose any school to pick up meals - NO Pre-Order required. Since we can provide weekend meals, those students who are also in school two days a week are eligible for the 5-day bags.  

We are happy to assist you in any way we can. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email Laurie DeGeorge, Kitchen Manager, at

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11:29-11:54  7 Grade Lunch/ 8 Enrichment 
11:56- 12:21 8 Grade Lunch/ 7Enrichment

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