Clubs & Activities

Click here to registration & pay dues if applicable. If club is not listed in the link, contact the advisor.

Clubs and Activities Meeting Days Location Advisor
Art/Drawing Club Thursdays (11/4 - 12/16) Room 236 Melissa McCune
Aviation Club TBD Room 129 Jeff Entner
Battle of the Books January - May 2022 LMC Heather Burkhardt
Drama Club After school rehearsals for fall play and spring musical Commons Trina Magness
Diversity Club Thursdays (2:45-4pm)  Room 207 Katie Cunningham
 eSports  Tu/W/Th (3 - 4:30PM)  Room 221 Jed Palmer
Fellowship of Christian Athletes & Students Fridays 7:00 - 7:25AM Room 132 Lori Naughton
Jazz Band (By Audition) TBD Room 116 Jonathan Garcia
NJHS Every Other Tuesday - Enrichment Room 217 Lauren Howard
No Place for Hate Enrichment/Lunch Counseling Office Daniel Grant
Katy Berger
SCP (Secure, Contain & Protect) Wednesdays 2:45 - 3:45PM LMC  Eirinn Boyd
Sources of Strength Enrichment/Lunch Counseling Office Daniel Grant 
Katie Fink
Student Council (Click for website)  7AM, e-mail Mr. Moody for dates Room 238 Craig Moody
 Tri-M Music Honor Society  TBD Room 116 Jonathan Garcia
Volleyball Club - Boys 10/1/21 - 12/13/21 6AM Fridays  Gym Cody Whiteside

There are always opportunities for new clubs. Student-initiated clubs require a minimum of 10 students, as well as an adult in the building, to advise the club. If interested in starting a club,
please contact the main office for the correct paperwork.