Daily Lessons, Documents, and Assignment Sheets

* Daily Lessons Slideshow, with Warm Ups and Notes: 
             - Here are the notes and learning that we cover each day, so you can look here when you are absent to get what you missed.   

             Daily Lessons Slideshow - 1st Quarter 2018

- If you ever have any questions or want some help/support, please do not hesitate to come and see me!   I am at school by 7:00 every morning, and I can stay after school by appointment.   Or, please always feel free to email - I am always happy to help you!   

* Documents and Assignment Sheets: 

Aug. 10, 2018 - 8 Arctic Individuals & Societies - Molly Snell's Course Syllabus, 2018-2019
Aug. 10 & 13, 2018 - Beginning of the Year Information: - Welcome to Mrs. Snell's 8th Grade Social Studies! -PACK in our Social Studies Classroom
Aug. 13, 2018 - United States Map Activity
Aug. 14, 2018 - Class Website Scavenger Hunt
Aug. 16, 2018 - Where Does Your Family Fit in American History.doc