GT Coordinator

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the school year.  Please consider me a resource and advocate. I genuinely believe it's an honor to work with students every day, and I appreciate the trust you give to me. My job is to help provide any special interventions that students may need in order to learn. I want students to feel secure, challenged, and happy so they will have a voice in their own education.

One part of my job is that I'm the facilitator of the gifted program.  I help students create goals for the year on their advanced learning plans, I reach out to them with special opportunities in which they may be interested, and I help support them and their teachers in classes to make sure they have opportunities for growth.

I also teach Dimensions in Literacy which is an elective class that provides additional skill building in reading and writing.  I enjoy teaching this class very much.  We study very interesting topics, and I make sure each student contributes to class daily.  They set goals and do the hard work of making growth in those areas.  I can also advocate for them in their classes and help facilitate solutions if needed.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions, concerns, or insight about your children.

Nancy Irvin
[email protected]
303 387 2306