Updating your ALP

Students with Advanced Learning Plans, you need to create goals and fill out two documents in September.  I will check in with you to see how you are progressing throughout the year.

Here's the presentation about ALPs and examples of goals.  Decide what your goals are and how you will measure them.  Discuss them with your parents or guardians.  Parents, we would like your input and any feedback you want to give about your child's ALP.

Step 1: Join our Google Classroom for students with ALPs.  There are videos to help walk you through the steps, and Ms. Irvin is always available to meet in person or virtually with students to help.  Email [email protected] for the class code.

Step 2: Go into Naviance and use your universal login info.  If it doesn't let you in and doesn't let you find/change your password, email [email protected] to reset your password.  Here is a slideshow that shows you how to enter your goals.  Everyone will have a minimum of two goals (at least one academic and one social-emotional or affective goal.)  If you are identified in math and science, for instance, you will need a goal for each area and a social-emotional goal. 

Students will be writing ALP goals in Naviance, a program that they will use in middle- and high school to explore and plan their post-secondary interests. Students will get a gmail message telling them that a task has been assigned to them in Naviance. Here is a document about how to log into Naviance. You'll be prompted to change your password. 

View this document to see the Middle School Math Pathways. It gives you an idea of which classes your child will have access to in high school based on his or her current placement. Since programming may depend on your child's specific situation and offerings may change, it's always a good idea to contact a ThunderRidge counselor to verify this information.

Read this document if you would like to learn more about Advanced Learning Plans in Colorado.