Peek at the Pack

Peek at the Pack

The transition from elementary to middle school is an exciting, yet overwhelming experience for students and parents. Ranch View wants to support your family with this new transition. “Peek at the Pack” is a three day program in which students will get the opportunity to learn about Ranch View Middle School before the school year begins! This program is designed to support a positive transition by providing strategies for student success in middle school. “Peek at the Pack” offers fun and interactive sessions for students to learn about the middle school experience! We cannot wait to meet your child and help them find "home" at Ranch View! Go Wolves!

July 23 - July 25

Sessions Include Information On:

*P.E. Expectations & Clubs/Sports @ RVMS

*General School Info - Scheduling, Grading, IB, Middle School Procedures

*School Tour

*School Climate & Culture

*Technology Expectations and Resources @ RVMS


2024 AM Session is at capacity - No longer open
Waitlist link for AM Session - click here

2024 PM Session Link - Register Here
40 spots remain as of 2/28


If you live outside of the Ranch View boundaries, or your student did not attend one of our feeder elementary schools, please contact our bookkeeper, Kat Masser, to receive a registration link.

Contact Information

Becky Carson (teacher): [email protected]

Melissa Mottinger (teacher): [email protected]

Katherine Masser, Bookkeeper, [email protected]
*contact only regarding questions about payment or registration  


Student Testimonials

See what the...

"It helped me with the school layout (tour) because after that I knew where everything was, it was nice because I got to meet so many new people, I felt more comfortable around all of my new friends."

"It taught me how the pods and class schedules work. I didn't even know what "electives" or "core" classes meant before I came."

"It calmed my nerves and let me realize that I was going to be just fine and that even though you are going from 1 to 2 classes to 7, teachers are really nice and will help you with everything and that the 8th graders aren't all that scary."

"The program helped me feel more comfortable about coming to RVMS, it answered all my questions, and I knew my way around the school on the first day."

"Peek at the Pack introduced me to so many people that I am still friends with now. I was able to find my way through RVMS so much easier, in fact because I was somewhat familiar with the school I was able to navigate it when I lost my schedule on the second day of school. I was also familiar with the 'feel' of the school."

"Peek at the Pack helped me transition from elementary to middle school by showing me everything at the school and how it works. It also gave me some answers that I was nervous about. All of these things helped me transition. Before this program, I was a nervous wreck, but then this program helped me calm my nerves."

kids say about...

"Peek at the pack made the school look not as intimidating. I was also able to meet new people that were later in my pod. Also met some teachers. I wasn't too familiar with the school before it so it helped me see the layout of the school."

"Peek at the Pack helped me a lot with getting used to where I was going and what I needed for each class. I became comfortable with some of the teachers that ended up teaching me this year in class. I found new friends that were in my pod this year and have extended my friendships with them even further. I enjoyed the games that we played and the fun tours that the 8th graders took us on."

"It helped me meet new people and I'm still friends with most of them today (a year later). It also helped me learn my way around the school and learn how hard/easy it would be. I also got to meet teachers and see how nice they were."

"In general, Peek at the Pack helped me transition to Ranch View Middle School by having awesome mentors! They were kind, and they made me feel more comfortable with my transition. Not to mention, they made good friends later on. Also the amazing teachers. They answered all of my questions and clarified wonderfully."

"I think that Peek at the Pack helped me understand where things were in the school and helped me feel more comfortable with things about the school, such as classes, electives, and the grading system."

"I personally was not having trouble dealing with the transition. However, Peek at the Pack did get me extremely excited for learning which I think helped my attitude on the first day. It gave me an undeniable drive to do my best which really came in handy. I would love to pass that on to future students."

Peek at the Pack!

"This helped me loads. It gave me an insight into what it was actually going to be like, and helped me feel much more comfortable. It also gave me some friends coming into the new year!"

"I was able to have any questions answered that I had and I was able to get used to the school. The scavenger hunt we did around the school helped me get to know my school better. I also got to meet new people!"

"Peek at the Pack helped my transition to Ranch View because I got to experience different activities such as scavenger hunts, and team building activities. These all helped with making some new friends and locating things around the school. I met two of my really good friends this year at this program, so it was all very helpful!"

"This program helped me a lot in the ways of transitioning into middle school because I got to ask all of the eighth graders questions about what I was worried about. I got to learn my way around. I got to try to open a P.E lock also, and that calmed down my worries. In general, I got the full RVMS experience in just a few days, and it also calmed down my worries about coming to a new school, and then I felt less worried about coming to this new school."

"Peek at the Pack put me on ease for middle school. I was super nervous and thought it would be just like bad middle school movie experiences, but I found out that it's really nice and better than I was expecting."

"When I was new to RVMS, my school did not feed into Ranch View. I didn't know anyone, so I was very scared, but when I went to Peek at the Pack, I met a lot of people and it made me feel comfortable going into middle school."