Testing Opt-Out


Please complete by Dec 15, 2018

How to log in and submit an assessment excusal:

To use the parent portal, you must have an active parent portal account. If you do not have a parent portal login, please contact your school to request an activation key.

1. Go to https://engaged.dcsdk12.org

2. Log in with your parent portal credentials (same as your Infinite Campus login).

Screen Shot

3. Locate the student you are excusing from state assessments. Select "Submit Excusal Request" to link to the State Assessment Excusal Form. Repeat the process for additional students. Select "Update Excusal Request" to make any changes for assessments already submitted.


4. Review parent acknowledgement.

Parent Acknowledgement

5. Click the box for any available assessment you wish your student to be excused from for the current academic year. All assessments you select for excusal will appear with a red icon.


6a. Review Your Request. All assessments you select for excusal will appear under the “Status” section.


6b. Once reviewed, click "Submit Excusal Form" located under the “Ready” section.


6c. If you would like to update any previous submissions, repeat step 5, and then click the “Update Excusal Form” button illustrated below.


6d. If you would like to remove all selections, click the "Remove all Submissions(s) for this Student" button.

Remove all

Once you click "Remove all Submissions(s) for this Student" you will be prompted to confirm your selection(s). Click "Remove all Submissions(s) for this Student" to remove all previous requests, or “Cancel and Go Back” to return to the previous window.


7. For any additional information about Links to DCSD Policy, Colorado Statute and Legislation, scroll to the bottom of the State Assessment Excusal Form for available links and resources.