Special Education

Team Teacher eMail
Learning Specialist Kathryn Singleton [email protected]
Affective Needs Specialist Brianne Scott [email protected]
Learning Specialist Joan Lazzell [email protected]
Learning Specialist LeDeane Thomas [email protected]
Learning Specialist Cassie Banzhaf [email protected] 
Occupational Therapist Tanya Wentworth [email protected]
Psychologist Shane Costa [email protected]
Social Worker Sheila Redler [email protected]
Significant Support Needs Teacher Lauren Howard [email protected]
Speech/Language Pathologist Breanna Lang [email protected]

Ranch View Middle School offers a continuum of services for children with special needs. We offer academic remediation in the areas of Language Arts and Math, and support services in select regular education classes for those students who qualify under State guidelines. We have Speech/Language services and Mental Health services to address communication, social skills, and emotional needs. Special Education staff collaborates with administration, counseling, and regular education teachers to help make students' experience at Ranch View productive and educational.