Student Resources

Student Resources

Online Information
For help and explanations about French, try these websites

Language Guide - Has a good explanation of many topics and has pronunciation for most everything they use. 

Tex's French Grammar - Very complete explanations of various French topics.

French Linguistics FAQ - This has a list of common questions about French, including:
    How do I say 'I am' in French?
    How to say 'going' in French?
    How to tell whether to use 'le' or 'la'?

Other resources

Duolingo - Online app to learn various languages.

Linguee - One of the best French - English dictionaries. It uses real context to help build the meaning of different words.

Larousse - The best and most common French - English dictionaries available.

French Music Playlist - Spotify - A list of over 100 songs in French. From old school singers to rap to electronic.