DCSD Volunteer Information
Welcome to Ranch View Middle School. Whether you are the parent of new 7th grader or you have done this a bunch of times, middle school is a bit different. We might not need you to plan a class party or help do a spring carnival but there are a lot of things with which we could use your help.

Studies have shown that the more positive adult interaction that a child has in their educational career, the more successful they will be. I know I want all our children to be successful. I hope you can share this hope with me.

Please don't think that volunteering will be overwhelming. If everyone gave just a little bit of time, we would be flooded with help.

Things to Remember

1. Our goal is to build a community that has a foundation of support for our students and staff.

2. A little goes a long way! Even a little bit will help. We will take what we can get.

3. Everyone has different talents. We are all good at something. Share your talents!

4. Your child will benefit. It is worth the extra effort.

5. It will make you feel good. Who doesn't like to feel good?

Help your child and all of our Ranch View students on their middle school journey.