Rinkert French Classes


Je m'appelle Michael Rinkert.  I'm excited to be working at Ranch View and really looking forward to having a great year with all my students.

A little about me?  I started learning French waaaay back in middle school and continued learning it through high school and college.  After I received my bachelor's in English Literature and French from CU Denver, I took a job to teach English in France.  For the next two years, I lived in St. Etienne, France where I got to eat snails, frog legs, duck liver, pig intestine, and blood sausage all while working in a middle school and a high school teaching French students English. 

After returning I've worked for a number of companies using French for marketing, translation, sales, customer and technical support. Even though I enjoyed what I was doing, I wanted to return to teaching.  I returned to CU Denver to get my teaching license and haven't looked back.  Prior to Ranch View, I've taught in a number of schools and worked with students from every continent of the world except Antarctica.  Someday, I'll teach the penguins too.

Please feel free to send me an email here : mjrinkert@dcsdk12.org


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5A https://ranchviewmiddle.padlet.org/mjrinkert1/5A
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4F https://ranchviewmiddle.padlet.org/mjrinkert1/4F
4A https://ranchviewmiddle.padlet.org/mjrinkert1/4A
3B https://ranchviewmiddle.padlet.org/mjrinkert1/3B
3A https://ranchviewmiddle.padlet.org/mjrinkert1/3A

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