8 Arctic Weekly Activities 2018-2019

WEEK 1: AUG. 6- AUG. 10
Mon:  No School
Tues: No School
Wed: No School
Thurs: No School for 8th Grade
Fri: School Pictures and Name Activity

WEEK 2: AUG. 13-AUG. 17
Mon= Activity: silent bean bag Class: Start about expectations for Health Class.
Tues= Activity: my life as a movie title Class: self portraits world view vs. my view
Wed= Activity: walk around the commons Class: finish self portraits
Thurs= Activity: hula hoop Class: start reading the 6 Most Important Decisions in groups 
Fri= Activity: none Class: each group received the same supplies to come up with a visual aid to present what they learned from the chapter they read. (1 paper plate, 2 cups, foil, 4 straws)

WEEK 3: AUG. 20-AUG 24
Mon: Activity: laps around the commons Class: continue to work on 6 most important decisions
Tues: Activity: none Class: continue to work on 6 most important decsions
Wednesday: Activity: brain gym Class: last day of group work
Thurs: Activity: none Class: presentations of the 6 most important decisions 
Friday: Activity: none Class: presentations of the 6 most important decisions

WEEK 4: AUG. 27-AUG. 31
Mon= Activity: none Class: 8 Defense Mechanisms (groups of 3 or individual) students must come up with song or individual story to perform to me about the 8 DM. SOCIAL EMOTIONAL UNIT.
Tues=Activity: none Class: work on song/story
Wed: Activity: none Class: work on song/story AND then draw goal "TREE" short term, long term.
Thurs= Activity: drawing with both left and right hand at the same time Class: personality test "True Colors"
Fri= SIGNED SYLLABUS DUE. â€‹Activity: none Classroom: goal setting worksheet

Tues: Activity: walk to two laps around commons. Classroom: define the emotions, 4 ways to help with stress, 4 ways emotions are influenced.
Wed: Activity: none Classroom: went over mental disorder rubric and relaxation activity with music
Thurs: Deputy Martin: Digital Media: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16dbRDQ-nE_755qwxr4OGjbKfM25pb5kmBPw4fjk2gc8/edit
Fri: Deputy Martin