Updating your ALP

Advanced Learning Plan goals will be written in August/September.  

Here's the presentation about ALPs and examples of goals.  Decide what your goals are and how you will measure them.  Discuss them with your parents or guardians.  Parents, we would like your input and any feedback you want to give about your child's ALP.

Step 1: Join our Google Classroom for students with ALPs.  There are videos to help walk you through the steps, and Ms. Irvin is always available to meet in person or virtually with students to help.  Class codes will be given to students in school, but you can also email [email protected] for the class code.

Step 2: The ALP document is a Google Doc that will be available in Google Classroom. Students will create learning goal for each area of identification (reading, math, general intellectual ability, etc.) and one social-emotional goal.

Step 3: Students will update their ALPs a few times a year by noting progress toward their goals. 

Read this document if you would like to learn more about Advanced Learning Plans in Colorado.