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____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Crisis Resources: Colorado Crisis Services - 844-493-8255 or text TALK to 38255  Safe-2-Tell - at 877-542-7233 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline - (800) 273-8255 
Useful Links: STEM Center for Support: Place to connect, learn, do and heal AllHealth Network Summer Mental Health Resources Denver Springs Summer Mental Health Resources COVID Support Groups by Denver Springs Parent Viewing Guide for Watching Pixar's "Inside Out" DCSD Virtual Calming Corner HealthONE Behavioral Health &Wellness Center - Health Insurance Coverage Assistance Hotline: 833-541-5757 (Hours: M-F, 10am - 4pm) Request a call: (They will return your call within the next business day) Local Resources for Families During Closure Talking w/ Your Children About COVID-19: Healthy and Safe Practices for Students During This Time: Mental Health Resources for Extended School Closure: Stuck at Home? Virtual Tours of Famous Museums _______________________________________________________________________________ The RVMS counseling department seeks to assist all students in their journey of academic, career, and personal and social growth to become lifelong learners, effective communicators, independent workers, and responsible citizens. Image result for counseling wordle
The Ranch View Middle School Counseling Team strives to build trusting relationships with all students, staff, parents and community members. Our ongoing pursuit is to effectively design and implement a school guidance curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services and systems support within Ranch View.
The Counseling Department's goal is to support each student in understanding the unique challenges both personally and developmentally that impact academic achievement, emotional health and personal growth. Ranch View Middle School Counselors are committed to work with students and supporting their academic, social and personal growth. 
Ranch View Middle School Counselor's follow the ethical code and standards of American School Counselor Association (ASCA). Which means, "A school counselor, who is in a counseling relationship with a student, has an ethical and legal obligation to keep information contained within that relationship. Confidentiality is the ethical and legal term ascribed to the information communicated within the counseling relationship, and it must be maintained unless keeping that information confidential leads to foreseeable harm."(ASCA, 2018).
Student appointments can be made by filling out a pass in the Counseling Office. Parent appointments can be made by contacting their child's assigned counselor.
Some of the services that are provided by the Counseling Department include, but are not limited to:
*Problem Solving *Conflict Resolution *Home, Family and Friends *Schedule Changes *Course Selection and Class Placement *Organizational Skills *Homework Help *Sharing Accomplishments *Study Skills *Providing Additional Resources

Job Title Name Email Phone
7th Grade - A-K Katy Berger  303-387-2342
7th Grade - L-Z Kate Fink
8th Grade - A-K Megan DuVall
8th Grade - L-Z Jill Shulsinger-Wall
Counselor for Prevention Sharon Kinnard
School Psychologist Courtney Hutchinson 
Social Work   Sheila Redler 303-387-2316
 Registrar Christine Romanello 303-387-2318

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