Mr. May - Science Class


Seventh Grade Science is predominantly based on a Biology curriculum. We do include some Geology throughout the school year.  A very general outline of the topics that we will cover can be found below. They may not be in the order in which we cover them this year, but each topic will be covered prior to the end of the school year.


NATURE OF SCIENCE:  Inquiry based learning, Scientific Method, and Graphing

CELLS:  Types of cells, cell structure, and cell function

CELL PROCESSES:  Photosynthesis, cellular respiration, osmosis, diffusion, etc.

GENETICS:  DNA, chromosomes, heredity, and many more fun activities (I LOVE GENETICS!)

SURVIVAL/ADAPTATIONS:  Survival of species, changes within species groups, symbiosis, etc.

HUMAN BODY:  Body Systems and how they interact with one another

GEOLOGY:  Plate Tectonics, fossil records, geologic time


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Unless there are circumstances beyond my control, I make it a rule to respond within twenty-four hours.  I typically respond to emails the same day in which I receive them.