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ThunderRidge Tutoring Services 

ThunderRidge students offer tutoring services an after-school opportunity for students to complete homework in a quiet, supervised setting.  These are not intended to be one-on-one tutoring sessions, but a teacher is on hand to supervise and guide students.

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Sources of Strength

“Sources of Strength is a strength-based comprehensive wellness program that focuses on suicide prevention but impacts other issues such as substance abuse and violence. The program is based on a relational connections model that uses teams of peer leaders mentored by adult advisors to change peer social norms about help seeking and encourages students to individually assess and develop strengths in their life.”

Sources in DCSD

STEP (Student/Teacher Emergenetics Program)

“STEP is an exciting way to integrate how people prefer to learn and how teachers can facilitate an educational environment that enhances, deepens, and provides authentic learning experiences for all. Based on Emergenetics theory, STEP honors students through seven distinct thinking and behavior attributes. The result is increased tolerance, motivation, engagement, self-awareness, and an ability to collaborate successfully in cognitively diverse teams.”