Class Teacher eMail
Art Melissa McCune [email protected]
Art/ Digital Design Amber Lichfield [email protected]
Choir/Orchestra/Band Jonathan Garcia [email protected]
Conditioning and Wellness Craig Moody [email protected]
Consumer and Family Science Melissa Mottinger
[email protected] 
Digital Media / Multimedia
Jed Palmer [email protected]
Dimensions of Math Laura Ibbotson [email protected]
Drama Trina Magness [email protected]
ELD/DIL Tiffany Gordon
[email protected]
EPub/Yearbook/ES[ports  Jed Palmer [email protected]
French Michael Rinkert
[email protected]
Spanish Jacqueline Maharas
[email protected]

Technology / Multimedia Productions Larry Ardourel [email protected]
 Speech & Debate Donna Guerin
Michael Rinkert

[email protected]

[email protected]
 Technology Donna Guerin  [email protected]