Journal Entries

8/16: Why is decision making important?

8/19: What two things did you learn from the chapter?

8/20: How does Emergenetics help group projects?

8/21: How do you feel about presenting?

8/22: What do you look for in a presentation?

8/23: What is the purpose of team building?

8/26: What ideas do you to solve the team building activity?

8/27: What is a S.M.A.R.T?

8/28: None Deputy Martin

8/29: None Deputy Martin

8/30: What two things did you learn from Deputy presentations?

9/3: What was the message from the presenter at Friday's assembly?

9/4: Can you remember all 8 defense Mechanisms?

9/5: How does your culture influence you?

9/6: Name 4 ways to deal with stress?

9/9: How was your weekend?

9/10: Do you have an unique talent?