Innovation and Design is a comprehensive, action-based educational program to acquaint all students with their technological environment so they can make rational decisions about their own lives on a day-to-day basis and participate in controlling their own destiny.
Innovation and Design prepares youth for the world in which they live. Experiences are provided which uncover, develop, release, and realize individual potential. We live in a human-engineered society. It becomes the function of schools to give every student an insight into and understanding of the technological nature of the culture. Innovation and Design capitalizes on the individual's potential for reasoning and problem solving, for imagining and creating, for constructing and expressing with tools and materials. Thus, Innovation and Design is a basic and fundamental study for all students, regardless of educational or career goals. 
Innovation and Design should be included in the school experiences of all students at all grade levels to help them prepare to contribute to and live in our technical society. Innovation and Design provides experiences for all students to learn about basic technologies. Students will also learn about the personal, social, and environmental effects of these technologies. Innovation and Design provides students with hands-on experience with tools, machines, and materials to help them understand technical applications. Innovation and Design helps students discover and develop their talents and skills, and learn individually and in groups to problem solve, which will enable them to become effective citizens, consumers, and producers.