Mrs. Elenum's Music
Something's Different

Welcome to Mrs. Elenum's music classes!
Band, Orchestra, & Choir

Upcoming Events:
--January 10: 8th Grade on Elementary Tours
--January 11: 7th Grade on Elementary Tours
--February 13: P/T Conferences
--March 7-9: Spring Musical @RVMS
--March 27: Spring Band/Orchestra/Choir Concert @RVMS

Past Events:
--August 9: 7th grade begins!
--August 10: 8th grade begins!
--October 3: Kaleidoscope Concert @RVMS (Band, Orchestra, & Choir)
--October 23: Men in the Middle Festival Choir @UNC
--November 1: Choir Feeder Festival @TRHS
--November 8: Orchestra Feeder Festival @TRHS
--November 29: Choir recording for 7News
--December 12: Choir Winter Concert @TRHS
--December 14: Talent Show @RVMS
--December 18: Band & Orchestra Winter Concert @RVMS