Mrs. Elenum
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The "Why I'm Here" About Me
I love to teach. I love the lightbulb that goes off when a student learns something new…the “click” that happens when suddenly your body does what you’ve been telling it to do…the vicarious thrill that I get every time a student has their first performance. As a teacher, I get to experience my first concert, my many auditions, my summer music programs, and my lessons with favorite teachers (the fun, the horrible, and everything in between) over and over again. I get to play games, make jokes, discover new music, stumble across old favorites, and explore new techniques every day. Is it easy? Not always. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

The "Who Am I Really" About Me
I am a musician, a dancer, and a triathlete. My favorite colors are orange and purple, but I'm happy as long as it's something bright. I'm very much a morning person, probably due in large part to how long I swam competitively (thank you before-school swim practice). I love to play board games, and was lucky enough to marry a man who loves them even more than I do. He's even starting to get me into computer games, now. My phone frequently runs out of memory because I take too many pictures of my dog, Lucy, who was named after the Beatles' song. But, come on...she's so cute! I was one of those rare students who loved middle school, and I was so excited to join Ranch View in 2018 because my favorite animal, ever since I was a little girl, is the WOLF.

The "Professional" About Me
Mrs. Elenum received her Bachelor of Music in Music Education in 2009 from Lawrence University. While there she studied classical percussion, West African drum and dance, Afro-Cuban and Brazilian drumming with Dane Richeson, and Balinese gamelan with Sonja Downing and I Dewa Ketut Alit Adnyana. She also studied conducting with Andrew Mast and education with Laura Sindberg, Carol Lenz, and Craig Gall.

She has performed with a variety of ensembles, including the Colorado Wind Ensemble, Mudra Dance Studio, Wyoming Symphony, Gamelan Tunas Mekar, and the Lakewood Symphony. She has also participated in the International Body Music Festival with Keith Terry and co-founded Lawrence University’s first body music ensemble in 2008. She began Slap Happy Music Studio, a music school based on a holistic and exploratory approach to music education, in 2011 and was both owner and instructor there until 2015.

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