About Ms. Ibbotson

This is my sixth year back into the regular classroom since retiring 
from JeffCo in 2012.  I have taught for 27 years, everything from 4th 
grade science, Texas history, social studies, advanced algebra, 7th and 
8th grade math and remedial math.  I earned my bachelor's degree in 
mathematics from the University of Northern Colorado in 1993 and 
followed up with my master's degree in mathematics in 1997.  I enjoy 
working with middle school students and I am grateful for the 
opportunity to share my love of math with them.  I encourage 
students to discover ways math can be used in the real world.
incorporate technology and hands-on projects to engage students in 
the understanding and application of various concepts.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my three children and our 
dog:  Katelin:  21, Kayley: 17, David: 16, and Snowy:  14.  I enjoy reading, playing indoor and outdoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, and my son and I are training for our seventh triathlon as a mother/son team.