8 Language and Literature
Sentence Type Final

End of Year Survey

Shark Tank winners from each class:
P3 - Riley
P4 - Nic
P5 - Grant
P6 - Ella
P7 - Mason
To the winners: Congratulations!!! You get to decide whether or not to do your 5 min speech. 

4 Min speech Outline Template

3 Min speech Outline Template

Directions: Watch each video over the course of 2 days (Thursday and Friday). Write a paragraph reflection for each answering this question:
 What did the speaker say that could be useful to you as a Public Speaker?

1. Your Body Language Shapes who You are - 20 min and 21 sec
2. How to Speak so People Listen - 9 min 58 sec
3. Secrets to Public Speaking - 7 min 55 sec
4. How I Beat Stage Fright - 8 min 3 sec
6. Lies and Statistics - 5 min 59 sec

Click here for 1 Minute Speech Template

*Make a copy, fill-in your info and print for class Tuesday. 

Click here for (shortened) Sentence Type Quiz 3

From this list, pick five fables to read and analyze for
1. Normal World. 
2. Initial Conflict.
3. Rising Action.
4. Dramatic Answer.
5. Return to Normal.

Poetry Quiz 1