Helpful Resources

The following links may help you throughout the year and with specific units.


Team Policies and Expectations - these should be very similar for ALL of your core classes

Science Policies and Expectations - these are a little more specific to our science class

Work Habits Rubric - Remember, your work habits grade reflects the effort that YOU are willing to put into your learning.  Use this rubric to help you understand how your grade reflects your effort in class and on assignments.

Google Classroom on Your Phone - use this link for tips on how to set up Google Classroom on your phone
**Strongly recommended!**

IC on Your Phone - use this link to watch a video about setting up IC on your phone
**Strongly recommended!**

Lab Safety Rules - these should also be printed and placed in your NOTEBOOK

Lab Safety Contract - this should have been acknowledged during your express check-in

Scientific Method - this should be in your notebook... this can be used all year as a reference when writing your formal lab write ups and designing any experiments (like your science fair experiment!)

Quiz/Test Grade Scale - this is how most of our quizzes and tests will be translated from a percentage scale to our iB grade scale

Graphing Checklist - a helpful guide for creating graphs

Explore Learning - set up an account to access the Gizmos that we will use throughout the year

                                     CLASS CODES (for Explore Learning only)

                                                 Period 1 - QMB2ZLHTV2
                                                 Period 2 - BZZZ7DPNLL
                                                 Period 3 - CTTB6NHXJL
                                                 Period 4 - MP9CN8BNFJ
                                                 Period 5 - WFBTQCMJZT

Project Overview - a general outline of what we will do during each phase of the science fair project

Project Schedule - an outline of tentative due dates for different parts of the science fair project

Project Resources - two online resources to help you select your science fair topic