Writing and Speaking Rubrics and Checklists
IB MYP  Rubric for ALL Assignments 
(Master Rubric for all  Language and Literature Objectives and Strands) *Note: All assignments have particular objectives and strands noted on their individual rubrics
Lit Analysis Rubrics

 Creative Narrative Rubric
Poetry Rubrics

Debate Rubrics

Culture Quilt Rubrics
Holocaust/ WWII Rubrics
Holocaust/ WWII Presentation Rubric
5 Paragraph Holocaust/WWII Essay
Holocaust Poem Rubric 
Summative Holocaust Writing Assessment

10 Steps Visual Representation 
Students will create a visual representation of 4 of the 10 Steps that Lead to Dehumanization in connection to the Holocaust  and  1 other text that we have read this year ( Frankenstein, "Flowers for Algernon,"  or The House of the Scorpion).

Survival Items and Traits  Paragraph Rubric 

Other Rubrics:
Literature through History Process Journal (interdisciplinary unit only)