Classroom Expectations and Behavior Protocol

Our Classroom Community

I believe that the classroom is a community within itself and as such each member is
vital to it. Every individual deserves to be heard, valued, and respected and in turn
must also listen, value and respect those around them.
Language and Literature provides a space where opinions can be shared, deep
thinking is promoted and inspiration may come from a variety of sources. Thus, the
expectations of the members of this community, this "pack,"  will work collectively to
respect each other on a daily basis in order to create a learning environment that is
beneficial to each individual.

What my students can expect from me:

Prepared: I will strive to challenge you (my students) and to be fully aware of any
instructional tools that I may be able to use to assist you in improving your
Language and Literature skills. 
Actively engaged and Accessible: I value the time you put into doing assignments and
will make every effort to assess your work and return it as quickly as possible in order
to help you improve. Also, I am available before school, during lunch, and after school
most days to answer questions and to help with assignments and homework.
Just let me know what you need and I will be sure to be in my classroom!
Cooperative and Fair: I believe that every individual, including myself, possesses
strengths and weaknesses. We all have moments when we put less than our best
foot forward, say something 
that was better left unsaid, or simply have an off day.
As a result, when we cooperate 
and collaborate, we draw on each other's strengths
and our weaknesses are minimized. 
Because of this, favoritism has no place in the
classroom, as each new day is a fresh 
start with the potential for greatness in it.  

What I expect from my students:
Prepared:  I expect my students to be present both physically and mentally in the
classroom and to bring the tools required for success with them to class each day
(textbooks, writing utensils, notebooks, paper etc.)
Actively Engaged: I expect my students to participate in whatever tasks lie ahead of
them, be it a personal quick-write, a small group activity or a whole class discussion. I
expect them to think deeply, to express their opinions respectfully and to listen
attentively so that we can all learn from each other.
Cooperative and Fair: I expect students to cooperate with others and to communicate 
with me if  there is a problem with the completion of an assignment, if they are having
trouble with a task, or even to share their personal successes with me. 
I expect my students to display respect for themselves and for others at all times.

Behavioral Adjustment Protocol

As a united team and a school we want the best for every student. We understand
that individuals have different learning preferences, different movement preferences
and that sometimes we all need the chance to hit the "reset button." Because of this,
the 8 Grey Team follows a standard Behavioral Adjustment Protocol which allows
students the opportunity to reflect on their unproductive behaviors, make adjustments
to their behavior and ultimately contribute to a successful classroom environment.
If undesirable behaviors occur in any of the 8 Grey classrooms students will begin the
Behavioral Adjustment Protocol which is as follows:


4 Step Standard School-Wide Behavior Adjustment Procedures

1st occurrence of behavior


2nd occurrence of behavior

Lunch detention -Teacher email home- Student Reflection form

3rd occurrence of behavior

Lunch detention - Student Reflection form- Student calls home during lunch

4th occurrence of behavior

Administrative Referral