Mr. Sundgren's Physical Education Class

Welcome to 7th and 8th Grade Physical Education.  My name is Mr. Sundgren and I teach PE for the Tundra pods.  7 Tundra will have PE 1st and 3rd Quarter and 8 Tundra will have PE 2nd and 4th Quarter.  

Welcome back and to PE!
Below you will find information for what we are doing.  Also you can follow me on my school twitter, @hsundgren67 if you want.  During online days I will be posting videos, challenges and updates there.  (100% optional to follow me)
Please check my website daily for changes and updates.  Remember to email me with any questions.

**Important Please Read**
I will be using Google Classroom to post assignments, documents, links and other videos that we will use this year.  Also on your online day google classroom will be the main form of communication as well as where assignments will be posted.  On our elearning days on Friday links for google meet sessions as well as online assignments can be found here.  Below is the code by class period:

8 Tundra:

Period 2: rtf2w27

Period 3: azwyeep

Period 4: n2gm635

Period 5: yv4dldp

Period 6: un6paun

Period 8: q72xwax

7 Tundra:
Period 1: 
Period 2: 
Period 4: evjfxup
Period 5: 
Period 6: 2qitj3c
Period 8: t6nbgq4