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Information for Parents

Hello Parents and Guardians!

My philosophy is that all students can be successful in Physical Education. It is my hope and goal that all students leave my class with the skills and confidence to be lifelong physically active individuals. I believe that education should be a whole child process and is a partnership between teachers and families. In order to help facilitate this partnership I communicate in many different ways, so that you as parents can understand and be aware of what is happening in class. 

I grade students weekly on Work Habits, which is based off of P.A.C.K. Behavior. PACK stands for P: Prepared (dressing out in their uniform), A: Actively Engaged, C: Cooperative, and K: Kind and Safe. If students ever loss points for PACK, I will leave a comment in the gradebook. I encourage you to check your students work habits grade weekly and review with them if they are losing work habit points. 

Testing PE:
In my class we will take a pre-test and post-test for each unit (sport) played during the year. The pre-test allows me to determine what students already know about each sport and helps me make evenly matched teams. The post-test allows to determine student growth and holds students accountable for learning the basic rules and strategies for the games we play. All pre and post test are taken electronically to maximize class time. 

Students will also test and evaluate their health using the five components (cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition) of health related fitness. Students will test these five components the 2nd week of the quarter and again the 2nd to last week of the quarter, to evaluate growth and improvement in these five areas. The rubrics for these tests are based off the FitnessGram which is used across the country

If you have questions or concerns feel free to contact me. Email is the easiest form of communication for me, but I can also be reached by phone if you call the main office. 

Amy Rodriguez