7th Grade Weekly Activity

WEEK 1 OCT. 15-OCT. 19
MON: Introduction Activity= Hula Hoop, Skeletal says
TUES: Team Building Activity= no hands cup stacking, self portrait
WED: Team Building Activity= Star on paper turn right side up with no hands, self portrait
THURS: Team Building Activity= nose/ear, opposite circles, arm circles opposite, self portraits
FRI: Skeleton Says, left/right drawings share out self portraits and start reading 7 Habits Book

WEEK 2 OCT. 22-OCT. 26
MON: Read 7 Habits and take notes within groups
TUES: Read 7 Habits and take notes with groups
WED: Start working on 7 Habits presentation
THURS: work on 7 Habits presentation
FRI: work on 7 Habits presentation and have some groups present

WEEK 3 OCT. 29-NOV. 2
MON: Groups present 7 Habits presentations
TUES: Groups present 7 Habits presentations
WED: Social Emotional Wellness (S.E.W)= Communication; had students draw item while back to back with a partner.
THURS: Social Emotional Wellness= communication (tone, body language): big bang theory chess clip and friends non verbal cues clip.
FRI: Social Emotional Wellness (Ms. DuVall Counselor, Signs of Suicide) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EWhhMs_YidC7aT0CC31OG_XPbB3KXdz0PAHU9pRrLXo/edit

WEEK 4 NOV. 5-NOV. 9
Mon: S.E.W= Genuine Listening Skills
Wed: S.E.W=non-verbal & verbal communication, teams in pods move from place to another not using any words and only 4 pieces of paper.
Thurs: Ms. Fink (counselor)= gratitude: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eElDgqpZl_e0Ewl4fgWsEYM4gNNcx_vMp3_jo0435Ys/edit
Fri: IB traits: repeating list of IB traits while hula hooping. What emotions are there and used verbally and non-verbally

WEEK 5 Nov. 12-NOV. 16
Mon: Deputy Martin (Digital Citizenship); https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DYXH8Fx0HiWHw9yHdJU2eYYIM_lqTKm0TlepxyhFDH0/edit
Tues: Deputy Martin (Digital Citizenship): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DYXH8Fx0HiWHw9yHdJU2eYYIM_lqTKm0TlepxyhFDH0/edit
Wed: Notes from Blue textbook on Conflict: pg 246-253
Thurs: Finish notes from Blue textbook on conflict: pg 246-253
Fri: Notebook Check,Eustress and Distress and relaxation activity

WEEK 6 NOV. 26-NOV. 30
Mon: Study Guide for the S.E.W for assessment: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OqeoDfXvmKkGQ_6i7mcvDu6YxO8IiB2bigyesMKwt9s/edit
Tues: Social Emotional Wellness Unit Assessment
Wed: Finish S.E.W assessment and start new unit on Nutrition
Thurs: Notes on Nutrition Chapter 4 (blue textbook): notes on lesson 1 and make a song for the 6 nutrients. 
Fri: Nutrition Work Book (SUB)

WEEK 7 DEC. 3-DEC. 7
Mon: 6 Nutrients Song; Nutrition Workbook
Tues: Nutrition Workbook and videos on lessons
Wed: Nutrition Workbook and SOOVDAE decision making model
Thurs: Nutrition Workbook and videos on lessons
Fri: Nutrition Workbook and videos on lessons

WEEK 8 DEC. 10-DEC.14
Mon: Finish Workbook and S.E.W test corrections
Tues: Digestive System video
Wed: Influence from media, culture, people, etc.
Thurs: Eating Disorders 
Fri: Post Cite 6 and Emergenetics Worksheet ******IRON CHEF DUE******

Mon: Nutrition Assessment 
Tues: Set up for Iron Chef Gallery Walk
Wed: Iron Chef Gallery Walk
Thurs: Special 7 Arctic Schedule