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Welcome!!!! I teach PE on 7/8 Arctic. . Please use my website any time you need a copy of the notes, activities, or handouts. I wish you a very happy and healthy year!!!

To increase your physical strength and endurance, are you practicing your sit ups, planks, push ups and jogging at least every other day? Can you add 3-5 each time you do them (or increase the speed or distance?) ?


7 Arctic Content Knowledge due dates for Quarter 3
1/17--Goal Setting worksheet due
1/31-(work habit grade)--Rhythm and movement field trip form due--directions below!!
2/26-  5 components of fitness assessment
2/28--Rhythm and movement unit completed-3 grades are due this day
3/5-Fitness testing grade is completed and entered
3/5-Reflection worksheet from fitness testing is due
(3/6--Last day for all late assignments to be turned in for all teachers across 7 Arctic pod)
3/10--Final PE Assessment

To sign up for our in house Field trip :

  1. Log into MSB FIRST Click on Hyperlink and can also found on link on RVMS homepage (copy & paste: (
  2. Click on this link to be taken directly to registration: RVMS 19-20 FT~7 Arctic PE ARVADA Rhythm & Movement
    • Alternate - Navigate to the MSB RVMS School Store & Browse All
    • SELECT YOUR STUDENT'S PE TEACHER- Product is by POD It is important that you choose the correct product. Look for this graphic:
      Arctic New.png
  3. Complete requested information.
  4. Students that have qualified for National Free & Reduced Lunch Program and have given permission to share their status during the application process will be able to select to have fee waived.
  5. Add to Cart & process payment
  6. Staff Sponsor Jen Maggiore ( will receive notification of completed registration and/or payment via email. You will have a paid receipt listed in your MSB (MySchoolBucks) account once transaction is completed.

 SIGN UP TODAY FOR THE TURKEY TROT rescheduled for December 19.

Payment Instructions (Field Trips, Clubs & Summer Programs, Athletic Registration or Special Events)

  1. Use MSB (MySchoolBucks) Online Payment ( link on RVMS homepage (

  2. Log into MSB

  3. Click on 'School Store' in top-upper right section of your header' 

  4. Be sure to Click 'Browse All Items' if the item desired is not under the featured section.

  5. Field Trip Product Name: RVMS 19-20 FT ~ Turkey Trot

  6. Select desired product to 'purchase'. You can filter by Athletics, Field Trip, Club or Donations

  7. Complete requested information.

  8. Add to Cart and complete payment

  9. Staff Sponsor will receive notification of completed registration via email. You will have a paid receipt listed in your MSB (MySchoolBucks) account once registration and payment has been completed

The ASSESSMENT has been moved and will take place Monday 12/16. :)

These notes will be available until Dec. 16.---Thank you for studying for the last 10 days ----Good luck on the test!!! 

5Components of fitness

tennis guide.pdf