Individuals and Societies & IB

State Standards for Social Studies (I & S) include history, geography, civics and economics. 
Since Ranch View is an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, our Social Studies class will focus on learning more about our world and how humans connect with each other, not only in our own society, but globally as well. We will explore many places - some familiar and some new to you - so that we can understand the progress and challenges our world has today. 

The IB Criteria (areas of study) for Social Studies are
A. Knowing and Understanding, 
B. Investigating, 
C. Communicating, 
and D. Thinking Critically. 
These are the four areas of which students will be assessed throughout the year! 

*You can download or look at the 7th Grade Social Studies Grading Explanations & Chart below.

Document Link:
Social Studies Grades Handout.doc

What will we do in our social studies class?
Students will investigate a number of primary sources (journals, documents, photographs, art, letters, etc.) and secondary sources (articles, historical books) to explore historical events, people, and civilizations. We will use maps, practice critical thinking and literary activities, utilize technology, research, participate in small group activities and interactive lectures, and engage in role-playing and simulations! In order to understand our world and its vast history, we need to experience as best we can!