8 Tundra -notes/classwork/handouts

Happy 3rd quarter!!!!!!!!!!!!
Important Dates:
 Drug assessment -1/28
Disease assessment- 3/4
Personal wellness and relationships-3/14

3/11- Love vs infatuation
Assessment Thursday
Retake for disease prevention tomorrow during enrichment--please study the attached sheet which are my notes from the last 4 weeks condensed into one space
notes for preventing disease .docx

 3/8-Deputy Martin
Healthy Relationships-
If you want to kiss someone, hold their hand, or more what do you need to do? ASK!!!!!!
CONSENT--You MUST ask permission and they MUST SAY YES!!!!! The YES must be from you and them!!!!---do not rely on "body language"--"that look" may be different for every person, and you may be mis reading their "look"

If someone is under the influence then CONSENT CANNOT BE GIVEN--they are under the influence!!! Being under the influence does not mean they truly understand their answer.

If you see someone is being taken advantage of because they are under the influence HELP THEM!!!! DO NOT allow someone to take them anywhere--you get them home, help.

B E . G I V I N G

 Be open and honest
E explain decisions
G get mixed signals cleared up right away
I nvest in their feelings too
Very often use please ,thank you, im sorry
 I  In anger-fix it 
Now be direct and constructive
G give attention, compassion and communication

Healthy relationships
keep connections with family and friends
honesty--be honest
financial independence--nothing should be expected when paying for a date
communication- talk things through
sexually safe--you always have the right to say No

know where you stand emotionally and what your boundaries are!!!!

Be yourself-
don't change goals /dreams/aspirations to fit a partner
be honest about likes and dislikes
communicate effectively by keeping your emotions in check

Own your energy:

Pay attention to non verbals

Need to be able to love yourself and know you deserve respect and kindness. Don't accept less.
Know where you stand!

 3/7--Deputy Martin's notes
ABUSE-the misuse of something or someone
         What does it look like:?-------controlling behaviors used to maintain control and power
Forms can be verbal, emotional, psychological, economic, violent physical actions, sexual coercion,
6 signs of abuse:
1. isolation/jealousy/possessiveness
2. double standard--rules are not the same for both partners
3. controlling behaviors: (ex: the way they dress, name calling, monitoring with constant texting o0r purposely holding hand super tight and walk you places to keep you from talking to others)
4. Threats of self harm--take all threats seriously--always get an adult involved!!
 5. non-consensual sex--everyone has a right to say no--whether they have had sex before or not. If someone said no--no is no. 
6. Violence: shoving, pinching, pulling hair or leaving marks where no one can see

Scenarios portrayed by Chaparrell HS students to help the kids understand--questions to answer-- what do you see? how can this be avoided,? what would you do? --

Keys to remember: good communication and setting boundaries is always important! THE MOMENT YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE IN A RELATIONSHIP BECAUSE THEY AREN'T RESPECTING YOU --IT IS TIME TO GET OUT! 

Sexting-do not send pictures.!!! Pictures get shared and you never know where they will end up. Report any time you see sexting happening. 

Stages of the cycle of abuse:
stage 1: Honeymoon stage--apologies"It'll never happen again" Then blame shifts
stage 2: tension builds--walking on eggshells--picking fights, feeling uncomfortable
stage 3 Explosive stage--outburst of anger--verbal, physical, emotional, sexual, physical----
Goes back to stage 1 and starts over

Influences:--media is a huge influence--perceptions of relationships, music lyrics can cause false beliefs of what's normal, seeing porn and violence is not  a real portrayal of relationships.

KIds were shocked to see that a popular song is really about abuse.

indecent exposure--exposes self to others
Invasion of privacy--takes pictures or observes images of another's intimate parts without that person's consent
Unlawful sexual contact--sexual contact of another without consent
sexual assault---rape

What is something you learned to help you in relationships? 

3/6--Physical changes during puberty
Both: taller, pubic and underarm hair, body odor, skin changes, genitals enlarge
Males: voices deepen, facial hair, broader shoulders, sperm production and ejaculation
Females: menstrual cycle, breast development, hips widen

Male reproductive system:
Cowpers's gland-semen producing gland
testicles: -where sperm are produced
epididymus: where the fully formed sperm are housed
Urethra-allows urine and semen to pass through
Penis --exterior shaft of reproductive system
vas deferens; tube that sperm travel through

Female reproductive system:
ovaries: where eggs are housed
fallopian tube,: where fertilization takes place
fimbria: pull the one mature egg out
Uterus: where the fetus developes
Vagina: birth canal and exterior opening
Cervix :tightly closed before birth

 3/5--returned quizzes-assessments will be returned next week. 
No notes
Assignment:Created a "recipe of me"--if you were absent, please create one--what are the ingredients who make you who you are? (1 cup loyalty, 2 gallons happiness, a pinch of procrastination, etc. ) And place two pictures about yourself on the recipe. There are examples stapled around the room. :)

 3/1----Quiz--see me IMMEDIATELY if you missed it
ASSESSMENT MONDAY!!!!! Prevention City!!!!--review preventions of communicable and non communicable diseases (non communicable should include heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and skin cancer----think of risk factors)
To give you ideas and help you think of the future read the following article:
healthy eating now Rx-ideas prevention city.pdf

2/28----Quiz tomorrow--we reviewed with similes and
 metaphors--ASSESSMENT MONDAY!!!!
 2/27--Quiz Friday!!!!
Please watch the two videos and write notes on:
UVB-surface rays --burning
UVA--deeper rays aging and cancer causing
two types of sun protection--chemical like sunscreen and physical like hat and clothing
recommended minimum SPF---30 and broad spectrum
How skin cancer occurs--cells change and divide too rapidly,



Signs of possible skin cancer:
B=border changes
C=color changes
D=diameter is bigger than an eraser on a pencil

Sun Protection:
S--seek shade
H--hats, long sleeves, long pants, sunglasses
A-always wear 30 spf sunscreen with broad spectrum and water resistance
D-during the hours of 10-4 take a break from the sun
E=every 2 hours reapply sunscreen

Read the article in teenshealth.org --indoor tanning--deep UVA rays, high exposure, worse than regular outdoor tanning

today we reviewed Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes
We began to learn about cancer in general :-cells change and divide too rapidly taking over and creating tumors,
Please watch the following videos and fill out these notes:


1. How does cancer begin?
benign--not active cell division, considered non cancerous
malignant, -rapidly dividing actively and growing
metastasis--moved through the body
immuno therapy--using your own immune system to combat cancer
How does cancer spread?--through glands, blood, tissues, lymph system
Chemotherapy--kills all rapidly dividing cells
We also discussed other parts of treatment: support groups, healthier eating plans, exercise, stress management including mindfulness

 2/25 QUIZ will be FRIDAY on CANCER AND DIABETES--we will go outside tomorrow wear a sweatshirt

We research diabetes Type 1 and Diabetes Type 2. We then created a ven diagram to show what they have in common and the differences between the two. Please go to this site and read the articles and watch the movies
teenshealth.org--click on the teen tab--choose diseases/conditions--diabetes center--diabetes basics--
then choose Type 1:
what is it?---read and watch movie--auto immune disease where the immune system attacks the insulin in the pancreas and the pancreas cannot make insulin. must take insulin shots or have a pump
go back and read diabetes type 2:
what is it?--read and watch the movie--caused mostly by lifestyle choices (poor eating habits, obesity, lack of physical activity) or age, though high levels of stress and drug interaction can also cause type 2. Can be reversed many times if lifesytle changes occur.

2/22-We investigated the amount of sodium and sugars in our favorite fast food choices. It is surprising how much we found. We then created ideas--at home and at school on how to increase our heart health around stress management, healthy eating, and increased movement (Examples: Bring cut up veggies 3 out of 5 days for lunch/ have dessert only 2 times a week, etc)

 2/21-QUIZ on heart disease--please see me immediately if you were absent
analyzed various diets for positives and negatives--bottom line--teens need all nutrients since they are growing-movement and portion control are the most important to work on if someone wants to stay healthy. 

 2/20-Quiz Tomorrow on heart disease and cardiovascular/circulatory system
HDL-Good cholesterol
LDL-bad cholesterol
Raise your HDL: Don't smoke; eat foods high in fiber-fruits and veggies and whole grains (fruits/veggies should be half of your plate); get aerobic (3-60 minutes) of exercise per day
Lower your LDL: lose weight to healthy weight according to doctor, increase your exercise, do not eat a lot of fatty red meat, do not eat a lot of full-fat dairy, avoid saturated fats, trans fats, and processed foods as much as possible. (Consult a doctor--they may need you to take a medicine if all else fails. You may be more genetically inclined to produce cholesterol in your body)

Effects of excess Sugar intake: (sugar s naturally found in the fruits and veggies we eat-we should be aware of all the excess sugar we take in)
higher blood pressure, inflammation, weight gain, higher risk of diabetes and fatty liver---an increased risk of heart disease and stroke.

2/19--QUIZ Thursday on heart disease and cardiovascular system
Movie Body story--please see me to watch it and take notes on it . Come during lunch or enrichment

2/14 Notes on the circulatory system:

Systemic circulation—Heart to the whole body except the lungs

Pulmonary circulation—heart to the lungs and back to the heart

Arteries—away from the heart

Veins—to the heart

Capillaries—arteries to parts of the body, then to veins

Problems of the cardiovascular system:
heart attacks, stroke, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure

2/13-Family history due today
researched one disease from your list
signs/symptoms, cause, treatment, prevention, 3 interesting facts, number of people who have it

 2/12--Family History attached to yesterday due tomorrow.
Degenerative : breaks the body down further as the disease progresses
Chronic: continuous or off and on over a long period of time
risk factors for non communicable diseases: heredity, age, gender, lifestyle behaviors, environment

2/11-- Family History Due WED!!!!! Attached below.
Quiz notes on pgs 448-449 how pathogens spread and how to prevent pathogens from spreading
family history wksht.pdf

2/8-QUIZ MONDAY!!!!!!!!
Immune system boosters--on the quiz as well!!!!!!!!!!
1. Garlic-can kill off some bacteria
Probiotics--pills that boost the number of good bacteria in the body
3. Don't smoke
4. wash hands frequently
5. Eat Vitamin C, B, A, E, D,---found in fruits and veggies
6. iron, zinc, --found in lean meats .  Folate acids--found in whole grains
7. Sleep-7-9 hours a day
8.Exercise-30-60 minutes a day
9. Eat more fruits and vegetables (should be half of your plate)
10. Slow down--deep breathing, meditate, lowers stress
11-Build strong relationships
12--Laugh often--it boosts endorphins in the blood stream

 2/7- how to keep your immune system healthy :)
your quiz MONDAY is on the immune system!!!!!

2/7- We created a story and a picture around the military personifications of the 11 words from yesterday. If you were absent today, please create a war scene drawing  labeling each part and how it corresponds to the words. Example : The pathogens (enemies) crawl through the nonspecific response (fence)...................... DUE BY MONDAY 2/11 for absent people--see me Friday 2/8 if you need help. 

your quiz MONDAY is on these words!!!!! 

2/6---defined the following terms then personified it with a  military example
nonspecific response, phagocyte, pseudopods, macrophage, lymph nodes, antigens, antibodies, pathogens, vaccine, autoimmune, antibiotic----your quiz MONDAY is on these words!!!!!

2/5--- Watch the following video--stop it after Rheumatoid arthritis--take notes on the packet.
answers you need from it for your quiz and classwork
Pathogen movie answer sheet.pdf

WHO 2019-Ten Threats to Global Health
1. Air pollutions and climate change
2. Noncommunicable Diseases-cancer, heart disease, diabetes. 5 risk factors: tobacco use, physical inactivity, harmful alcohol use, unhealthy diets, air pollution
3.Global Influenza Pandemic
4. Fragile and Vulnerable settings
5. Antimicrobial resistance
6. Ebola and other high threat pathogens (SARS, MERS,Zika, Nipah
7. Weak Primary Health Care
8. Vaccine hesitancy
9. Dengue

2/1-The dangers of energy drinks. All work for the drug unit MUST be turned in by today for any credit.
1/31--Presentations---parent interview due by Friday!!! Any work from the drug unit MUST be completed and received by Friday!!!!!!!!!  Thank you for all of your hard work
1/30-Presentations---parent interview due by Friday!!! Any work from the drug unit MUST be completed and received by Friday!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all of your hard work!!
1/29--worked on project--DO NOT WORRY ABOUT MUSIC!!

Turning in project-- title it p.____ last name, first name

If you are emailing me the subject title should be P.___Bib (last name)

send/share it to jlmaggiore@dcsdk12.org

To make slideshow into movie:
File-------publish to web
choose timing--3 second
click first box--start as soon as player loads
click publish
click ok
share with email envelope
email --jlmaggiore@dcsdk12.org (the link will go to me)

 1/28-I am so sorry the "kid friendly checklist" was not on one of the sheets--My fault!
Worked on project!!
checklist for imovie Drug Prev..docx
1/25-Project given out--spend this weekend planning!! You have two in class days--Monday and Tuesday to work on it. The project is due by midnight 1/29 and the parent page by Friday 2/1
8th drug prev movie - rubric.pdf
movie project directions and interview 2019.docx

 1/24-Advertising techniques: statistics/data/percentages, testimonials, nostalgia, nature, humor, transfer/fantasy, celebrities, bandwagoning

 1/23-Deputy Martin 

January 23, 2019--Deputy Martin – Crime and Consequences

 Teens often believe that crime :

No Big Deal

  • Lesser Penalties
  • Friends won’t steer them wrong
  • Parents will get them out- parents might want you to learn a lesson.Parents have to go to court with you.


    Time Taken After An Arrest- Can be a lengthy Process 1-2+ years!


      Intake – Booking = pictures, fingerprints

                            Parents might be able to pick you up at this point.

      Detention – Jail= strip search

    You will go to Arapahoe County – Foot Center for Juveniles- You will be put with others outside of Highlands Ranch ie. Gang bangers- typically don’t like kids from Highlands Ranch

    • Arraignment – shackled and taken to Court- Formal charges explained in front of judge

    • May have a lawyer at this point

      • Plea Bargain – Deals are made regarding a person’s life—trying to avoid trial

    • Many arrests end here—prosecuting attorney and your lawyer decidewhat consequences there may be.

      • Trial- takes at least a year to get to trial in Douglas County

    • Parents have to attend- which means they may miss work
    • Trial by judge or jury

      • Adjudication- Guilty or Innocence of Charges

      • Sentencing- Jail, Fines, Probation, Community Service, Restitution, Juvenile Diversion, Rehab


      To avoid severe and long -lasting consequences of crime:


  • Bond- what you pay to get out of jail
  • Court Dates and Fees
  • Mandatory Classes- You pay for them
  • Work Release
  • Permanent Record- juvenile records can still be accessed by police
  • Rejection of Family/Friends
  • Restrict Mobility
  • Stress
  • Insurance Cost
  • Lose License
  • Probation- might be required to provide urine for analysis.Could be an ankle bracelet
  • Jobs- prior criminal records can affect ability to get a job
  • Clubs/ Sports/Schools-banned from campus or participating in sports/clubs
  1. Stay away from drugs and alcohol.
    1. Drugs and Alcohol are involved in most arrests
  2. Take a good look at who your friends are.
    1. “Show me your friend and I’ll show you your future”- look at your 5 besties.
    2. Pay attention to your instincts
    3. Tell friends when you disagree
    4. Don’t compromise your own beliefs just to “fit in”
  3. Think ahead
    1. Practice situations mentally
    2. Have a plan with parents and friends if things get out of hand

      What an arrest can cost a person

1/22--snow day!! Enjoy!!!

st effects--lack of judgement, faster heart rate, lack of coordination, slurred speech, blurred vision, drunk, lightheaded, alcohol poisoning can happen, death, vomit, 
lt effects-- liver issues, heart issues, increased risk of some cancers, brain damage, 

Looked at a play on drunk driving

 1/16-Collected any worksheet from 1/14 that was not turned in yesterday--will be yourt first grade

Effects of THC-please review Deputy Martins notes from last week
read the article The Genetics of Drug and Alcohol Addiction 

Wrote down which developmental assets each person had in their life

Practiced the 4 Cs--refusal skills (simple NO, give an alternative, walk away, make an excuse, give a reason, strength in number, avoid the situation, etc

1/15-Homework--If you still did not finish your worksheet after 10 extra minutes of class time today, it is your homework--due tomorrow--zero if not completed and returned by 1/16

video on biofeedback--pulse rate increases, stimulant makes hands shaky-
Steps of being addicted to nicotine:
1. try it
2. use on occasion
3. increased how often
4. a pod or more a day

4 Cs practice around Juuling situation-- make one up yourself if you are absent and practice.

 1/14--Dangers of Vaping--We brainstormed Why do people choose to use? Why do people choose not to use? Effects of vaping: --damage to lungs, heart, higher risk of cancers--long term study will be complete in 20 years--do you really want to be a part of that study???? We don't know all the effects yet. Nicotine effects the developing teen brain by reducing its ability to focus.
The Price of Cool.docx

1/11--Deputy Martin --Opioids--each day an average of 78 people die from drug abuse
Pain Killers-opioids (prescribed by a doctor usually)-are a huge problem because they are so addictive!!! Sadly, people then turn to heroin. These opioids take away the pain, but they also activate the pleasure center of the brain.
Heroin is a single use addictive drug. 
Heroin/opioid crisis knows no boundaries-anyone can become addicted
(morphine is also an opioid)
Narcan is OD reversal drug most first responders carry now

Fentanyl (synthetic!!--is lab made-easy to make on the black market--China is the biggest producer)--DEADLY--It is being mixed into other drugs including marijuana (THC)
100 times stronger than morphine
a lethal dose of fentanyl is the size of 2 grains of salt

Withdraw symptoms-------hypersensitivity--feelings of pain and pleasure that are out of control, physical symptoms, pain, restlessness, vivid nightmares, chills, fever, bones hurt, depression, insomnia, weight gain

3 parts of addiction---tolerance--you need more to get the same effects
                               withdrawal--craving the drug; feeling the symptoms
                               relapse---the drug has altered the brain, it is hard to change and many go through rehab multiple times

Risk factors that are sending people down the path of drug abuse:
Family History
Mental Health Problems-ADHD, Depression, etc
Traumatic Event--witnessing or being a part of a severe accident, natural disaster or life-threatening event
Impulse control difficulties
Ease of access

Operation Help Hand---DEA prescription take back day; safe places for addicts for needles; trying to cut back on suppliers

Alcohol is still number 1 for overuse--vaping alcohol is so dangerous!! You cannot throw it up.
ADHD drugs--dangerous to you if you do not have ADHD/ADD--do not take them!!!!
Ecstasy--contains MDMA--part of methamphetamine
Hallucinogens--LSD/Acid--sugar cubes can be laced with them--can call hallucinations--bad trips are an awake nightmare
methamphetamine--it is a single-use addiction drug. it makes dopamine DUMP into your brain and permanently damages the ability of dopamine to release naturally
cocaine-crack cocaine- causes extreme paranoia, sinus issues, can stay awake for many days straight

change the drug culture-
1. Don't be fooled by the drug industry-------------they want to make money!!!!!!
2. don't listen to kids who don't value themselves
3. be true to you--work with your strengths!!--have a healthy self image!!--your differences are an asset
4. get help for yourself or friends if needed---we all need help from time to time for something in life--help is a good thing.


 1/10-Deputy Martin ---Marijuana and vaping
legalized due to money, we made 331 million and lost MORE than 331 million dollars due to medical issues, law enforcement, court cases, lost tourism/conferences due to smell and other problems, homelessness increased, hotels/restaurant

--not legal in all states--it is still illegal in all all 50 states federally (20+ medically, 9 rec and medical)
What makes marijuana medical? --2 chemicals in the plant THC--the psychotic piece; CBD-extract of the plant-non psychotic-- FDA approved it, but it doesn't work for everyone.
100 years ago, we just had tobacco farmers, then we had the tobacco "industry"--now it's about more money and major customers--the tobacco industry is now beginning to thrive again due to this generation vaping
Where do underage kids get vape pens?--other kids, from older kids, from online

Sativa-stimulate "day strand"
Indica-works like a depressant (has most CBD)
hybrid-either or depending

Ditch Weed--70s and 80s-balance between CBD and THC-7% each
Todays plant 35% THC and 7% CBD
People are now using the straight THC so it can be 98% pure for edible and oils
Shatter and distill are the purest forms they do not look at all like the plant--they are oils and look like honeycomb

Starting use as a teen means you develop with THC in the cells and can effects the brain
Cannabinoid receptors in the brain--THC binds to those receptors--can effect memory permanently
19% of DUIs in Colorado are from marijuana
2018-more than 100 deaths
marijuana stays in system for up to a couple weeks
weed- smoked-joints, bongs, dabbed,  vaped, eaten--takes up to an hour to kick in
can overdose-- does not mean you die--can cause marijuana psychosis

Netherlands (who have had marijuana legal for decades) the THC is not allowed to get above 15%---ours can be 98%!!!! THERE IS A REASON IT IS REGULATED THERE!!!!

Butane is how they get the THC off the leaf--shatter, when vaped, has butane going into the brain--the long term effects will be available in the next 20 years.

Short-term effects THC: Alters appetite, couch locked--(so high can't move--then snap out of it), does cause hallucinations, anxiety, depression, lowers self-control, regulate emotions, reaction times are slower, memory effected, can cause death--especially when using edibles

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome--uncontrollable throwing up, can cause kidney damage, experience abdominal pains, similar to alcohol poisoning

Show me your friends and I'll show you your future.

The industry is targeting kids!!! showing smoke rings, saying "safer", flavors

Nicotine is as addictive as heroin-best way to quit-NEVER START!!!!

Fruity flavors of vaping contain the most cancer agents (carcinogens)

Use of vapes has increased 900% in the last few years. e liquid is NOT water!!!!
vapor has toxic metals. FDA is investigating companies in their teen marketing.--the pens are made to be discreet, easy to hide, 

1st death last year due to explosion of vape pen, burns can occur from explosions, a lithium battery, with a chemical--why put that near your mouth?

KEEP REACHING FOR YOUR GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--Drugs are the lowest shelf to reach for---REACH HIGHER!!!!!!!!!

 1/9--Practiced using the 4Cs through two more scenarios.
Peer Pressure--being influenced by people who are near to our age, work environment, environment in general
Group Conformity---adopting a certain way that the people around us act, talk, behave, in order to be accepted, and not be considered an outsider, different, difficult or unpopular. 
1/8-Homework: none--as long as you have your binder and spiral here

reviewed self-image and goal setting.

Decision--the the choice (by weighing the consequences) of two or more options

4 Cs of Decision-making

Clarify---what is the situation?
Consider the options
Consequences (positives and negatives) of each option
Choose the best decision for yourself and reflect on it
Survey the results--good bad and why

 1/7- Homework: Bring binder and spiral tomorrow
Self-image: the way you see yourself. It can be influenced by past experiences-success and failures, and others.
Goal setting:

Began Life skills Unit

First Quarter10-5--Thank you for a great quarter 8 Tundra. You made me smile a lot!!!!!!
Homework--Bring PE clothes for Monday after fall break. And, have a wonderful break filled with lots of rest and laughter!!!!! 

10-4--Homework--dress for the park tomorrow!!!!!!! Bring a sweatshirt/jacket and wear tennis shoes!
Quiz today
Behavior rehearsal today on preventing fights. 

10-3 Quiz tomorrow on counselor's notes,  fights start and preventing fights
Notes: Preventing fights
Recognize a conflict early-----the earlier you deal with something, before tempers rise the better
Learn to ignore some conflicts--if they are over something trivial, the person or situation is not very important to you, thew conflict is based on rumors that may not be true, if you are unlikely to ever see the person again, IT TAKES MATURITY AND SELF-CONTROL!!!!!
Confront a person wisely-choose the time and place carefully--chose not to confront them in front of friends, avoid confronting someone under the influence, choose a time when people are calm. Stay Calm-keep voice low, rehearse what you want to say, avoid screaming or name calling, count to 20 and breathe
Negotiate a solution
--- do the unexpected --be friendly, confident, and caring:
Provide the person with a way out-- present a compromise you can both live with
Be willing to apologize-- "I'm sorry" or "I didn't mean to embarrass you." 
Mediation-- resolve conflicts with a neutral third party.
Do not be an onlooker--avoid rumors, refuse to spread rumors, stay away from potential fight scenes, show respect for people who walk away or apologize
Get Help When Needed--TELL A TRUSTED ADULT!!!

10-2-Stepping in" and "Resolving Conflicts' are due by midnight on everfi.com--they count as two quiz grades--must do "Analyzing Influences" before you can start those two as a review. It will unlock the two you need at that point.
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Notes: How fights start----
arguments, prejudice, hurt pride and embarrassment, control, revenge, peer pressure

10/1-"Stepping in" and "Resolving Conflicts' are due by Tuesday 9/2 at midnight on everfi.com--they count as two quiz grades--must do "Analyzing Influences" before you can start those two as a review. It will unlock the two you need at that point.
finished the play

9/28-"Stepping in" and "Resolving Conflicts' are due by Tuesday 9/2 at midnight--they count as two quiz grades--must do "Analyzing Influences" before you can start those two as a review. It will unlock the two you need at that point.
sexual harassment play ---understanding how being rude and mean can escalate and end up being bullying and harassment.
How do we help each other?

9/27-NOTES :Counseling Dept.-- Rude vs mean; bullying vs harassment

--an accident

mean-on purpose putting someone down, criticizing

--aggressive pressure or intimidation based on disability, race, color, sexual orientation, national origin, religion or ancestry; unkind words, statements, or actions towards others based on something that is part of who they are; form of discrimination (Example: making fun of someone's skin color, making fun of someone's race)

on purpose, intentional, involves an imbalance of power, repeated over time
4 types of bullying: 
        physical--actions that hurt your body
         verbal--words that hurt your feelings
         friendship-- threatening to take a friendship away; 
         cyberbullying-- intentional, repeated harmful behavior using technology

bullying--repeated, purpose, emotional/physical harm, no remorse/blames target, limited effort to solve

conflict--happens occasional, there is remorse, they both have the issue-it isn't one sided

 9/26-Presentations---codes given for everfi program
www.everfi.com . click student/learner
enter code I gave you
username: lastname first and middle initial
password--you wrote it in your planner
click finished

"Stepping in" and "Resolving Conflicts' are due by Tuesday 9/2 at midnight--they count as two quiz grades--must do Analyzing Influences before you can start those two as a review. It will unlock the two you need at that point.

9/24--Presentations and cardio day

9/20-HOMEWORK: Complete your presentation project for Monday!! Practice your speech in front of your parents. The rubric is attached to 9/18. Let ypour parents grade you--would they cut health care? Did you make them empathize with you? PRESENTATION MONDAY!!!!!!
9/19--project work day
9/18--Checked that notes were completed.
We began planning our speech. The students received a sheet for planning and a copy of this checklist rubric to use to help them plan
Checklist rubric Mental disorder project.pdf

Here are the examples of legislative speeches to help you understand advocating for a cause:

Example of a health care testimony—Michael J Fox



how to use passionate wording (speaking is difficult due to trauma to her brain)


9/17-Began our new project. It is due Thursday 9/20
students chose to work on their own or with a partner.
Homework: Read about your mental disorder on kidshealth.org or Webmd.com--use the search tool(the little looking glass) to look up the word. please complete notes that you will include for your project. The directions for the project are included here:
directions SEW project.pdf

9/14--Written assessment!
Needs survey

Happy weekend!! Thank you so much for your hard work this week!!!

9/13--Written assessment tomorrow!!!!

Use the practice test linked  to help you. Please come in prepared!!!!
Practice test SEW 8tundra-2018.pdf
Today we reviewed defense mechanisms, took a quiz on them, and reviewed coping skills, and who/where to go to for emotional help.

9/12-Here are the notes taken while I was away.
QUIZ on Thurs.

Defense mechanisms

Denial- refusing to acknowledge an emotion or problem

Identification-assuming the qualities of someone you admire

Compensation-making up for weaknesses in one area by excelling in another

Rationalization-making excuses for your actions or feelings

Projection-blaming putting your own faults onto someone else

Daydreaming- fantasizing to escape reality

Displacement- transferring emotions from the original source to another

Regression-reverting to immature behavior to express emotions



-I whole heartedly apologize. I am just getting home to post my notes and practice test. I hope they both help. I am so sorry. Mrs. M

Practice test for SEW
Practice test SEW 8-2018.pdf

Ways to handle anger:
*physical activity
*talk to the person (I feel.....because.....)
*take a time out to cool down
*count to 10
*crumble up a piece of paper
*picture a stoplight-red=stop, yellow =slow down and take a breath, green=go in a healthy direction
*Think from the other person's perspective
*self statements "I can do this", "Breath", "I've got this", "I can chill", "Relax", "Think" (thoughtful, helpful, insightful, necessary, Kind)

Stress physical symptoms, emotional symptoms, behavioral symptoms---please see me for the handout that we received in class--be able to draw 3 of each category of symptoms on a body

Ways to manage stress:
draw, write, color, play video games, physical activity, mental rehearsal, relaxation-breathing slowly for three minutes, listening to or playing music, humor, confront the problem, time management, get help when needed, play with a pet, 

9/10--Returned quiz; graphed quiz
ANGER is one letter away from DANGER
It is important to control anger so it does not turn dangerous
Reviewed the steps to handling anger

assertive vs. aggressive ------assertive is confident, calm, the person stands up for themselves but takes the other person into consideration. Aggressive--reactive, in your face, strong, does not take the other person into consideration.

Physiological reaction to anger--adrenaline is released, heart speeds up, breathing quickens, muscles tense, body temperature rises, limbic system of the brain takes over


Resiliency: the ability to adapt and recover from disappointment, difficulty, crisis
Steps to handling anger:
*take a deep breath and stay calm
*focus on exactly what made you angry
*think of words to express your true feeling
*calmly tell the other person how you feel and what actions made you feel this way
*tell the person what you expect from him/her in the furure
Emotional needs
1. need to love and to be loved
2. need to feel worthwhile
3. need to belong

 9/6--QUIZ TOMORROW- influences,  emotions, responses
What are cultural influences?
(music, art, social "ways", sports, food, religion, clothing, dance, language, traditions/holidays)

Reviewed the Influences map--the rainbow--you, others, society (look at notes from 8/30)

There is a pause between emotion and response. That is where mindfulness can come in to determine the real emotion and the healthy response.

We worked on the 5 statements we did on Friday.
I feel.........because................

We worked on what would be appropriate responses. (healthy, helpful to you, don't hurt others, etc)

Example--I feel confused because I don't understand Mrs. Maggiore's notes. Appropriate response---ask Mrs. Maggiore questions

Example--I feel happy because I scored an 8 on my Health quiz. Appropriate response--smile and tell my parents about it when I get home. 

Deputy Martin notes

EI-Emotional Intelligence-ability to perceive, use and interpret emotions.
Ways to develop EI:
connect thoughts with emotions
reduce stressful situations
think before you act
embrace your emotions
take responsibility
demonstrate humility and humor 

Building empathetic beings
A --inspire self and others
B --take responsibility
C --delay gratification
D --control impulses
E --builds empathy

Create something, be something, do something---see what you do and don't have and utilize it. Stop trying to be someone else!!! Be resilient!!!!!!!!!

In school you get the lesson first and test second-- in life you get the test first and the lesson second. When you make mistakes, learn from them, make a costume change if you need to, but get back on stage.

To increase emotional intelligence:
Face to face time increases emotional intelligence
recognize and be conscience 
create, do, be
learn to use what you have
don't be an online "herd"--you are unique

Digital Media Branding--your social media is your branding:WHAT ARE YOU SAYING ABOUT YOU?
memorable--what is your sign?
Competitor: challenges---make it a challenge that helps not hurts
Likable: Would grandma like it?

Be safe, authentic, simplicity (less is more), adaptability (educate yourself before getting on new sites)


F.O.M.O. ----Fear of missing out

Social media
opinion or fact?
question and fact check it

The 5 Cs of critical consuming of information:
Context--where does it come from
Credibility--author cite credible sources
Construction--what is the bias? 
Corroboration--is this the only source saying this?
Compare--look at other sources

Teens are off balance
72 hours a week is the average amount of time teens spend on digital devices (TV, phone, computer, games), constant state of anxiety with digital age----TAKE TIME TO BALANCE!!!!!
      take devices out of bedroom
      have blackout time-no devices
      out with friends--turn off devices
      be effective not a multitasker

9/4-QUIZ FRIDAY on emotions and influences
-Deputy Martin notes:
cyber bullying- people say things on line they would not normally say
law: CO law $750 fine
Social Media use-increased rates of depression, anxiety and lack of sleep; streaks can leave a concerning level of hierarchy (more than 2 hours per day); Instagram/snapchat are considered the worse offenders to make people feel bad about themselves; 
devices are rewiring brains--must create balance and moderation

rewires your brain. as addicting as heroin by a Harvard study

Sexting is an issue.
asking, sending or receiving child pornography is NEVER legal. Stop asking!!!!!--Can this picture affect your future???--story told of a doctor who had a 15 year old picture resurface. Girls are pressured to send pictures more often than boys. CBS news special--recalibrate norms --DON"T ASK, DON"T SEND--Rule: Don't do anything with your phone you wouldn't want your grandma to see. 

manipulating a person to send more photos

human trafficking/child trafficking
slavery/sex and working for someone else is what occurs..the people pretend to be your friend that leaves the person asking "How did I get there?"
Boys often think they are not targets--this is wrong thinking. 

What would you do if you know someone in the locker room has taken a picture of someone else? ---PLEASE TELL A TEACHER RIGHT AWAY and tell the person too--Do NOT sit by and let this happen--people may think it is funny and say they won't send it--but you cannot trust that.

As soon as someone hits send it is out there forever. People try to play on your emotions to get you to react. 
Control your social media/Privacy ---- MUST do these!!
1. use privacy settings
2. Limit it to people you know
3. Think before you post.--people can always screenshot
4. Be respectful
5. Be careful about revealing your locations
6. Watch the clock--hours can go by

Protect (name, SS#, personal data and posts)
Guard (emotions, self worth, personal value, )

Seeking "Likes" leads to lost security, privacy, and self--people are seeking validation (stop seeking validation from others--look inside and to the 5 people closest to you)
personal appearance--don't allow people to influence your appearance--they photo shop!!!
Respect-- how do you respect your yourself if you are sexting?

Security Practices
Unique passwords
adjust privacy settings
contacts should be only people you know 

Before you hit SEND-
Three R test--will there be regret, reputation or relationship concerns
Is it helpful or hurtful to your future.
Grandma test--would she appreciate what you are sending
Manage words don't let words manage you

8/31-Field Trip form due
Discussed emotions-strong,weak,pleasant, unpleasant-depends on the person--we classified a list we brainstormed
Notes: Expressing Emotions
1. Identify the REAL emotion (Ex Abby was angry at Hannah. Hannah beat her out for the lead part and Abby got a smaller role. Abby was jealous that she did not get the role.
2. Understand the cause (Example: Abby had tried out for that role and told Hannah she wanted the lead. Hannah had been offered the lead role because her try out went so well.)
3. Handle the emotion in a healthy way(Ex:Abby congratulated Hannah on getting the part, and worked really hard to do well in her smaller role.--remember your habits: Seek first to understand, win-win)

 8/30-collected tree and parent interview--field trip form due tomorrow
Notes: influences
you---beliefs, values, personality, likes, dislikes, skills/abilities
others--peers, family, friends, role models, celebrities, teachers, coaches, leaders, pets
society--media, tv, commercials, ads, tv, movies, news, books, magazines, government, politics, laws, environment, economics, culture-music,food,dress,
Tree due at the end of class today or first thing when you come to class tomorrow.
Requirements for your tree
5-7 Roots (Your passions, values, important people)
3-5 branches (long term goals( 1-20 years away) Ex:" Go to college"
2-3 leaves per branch (short term goals--S.M.A.R.T format) Ex: "Graduate from HS with a                                                                                                3.0GPA"
5-7 sun rays (family values )
Trunk contains your mission statement--words to live by

(bottom number is for a 5, top number is a "7" (all categories went for the "A" equals and "8")

8/28_HOMEWORK-PARENT INTERVIEW DUE Thursday (I gave an extra day)
We finished the great discovery questions and began our project--creating a tree that highlighted our values, interests, important people, long term and short term goals.

8/27--Period 3--Internet went down after lunch until after 4:15, at that point I had to leave. I am sorry your notes were not up. Thank you for checking if you did. Everyone is excused from having the work completed. I am so sorry it was down. 

HOMEWORK-PARENT INTERVIEW DUE WED. Please be sure you interview a parent and they sign the paper 
Goal setting model: 1. identify the goal. 2. Action plan . 3. Reflection
Today we worked again on making our academic goal for the year/quarter--we made sure it was Specific, Measurable,Attainable,Realistic,Time oriented. We worked on the front of the blue sheet again.

The Great Discovery (7 Habits) we completed the following questions:
1. Think of someone you admire, and think of the qualities they have that you would like to have.
2. Think of yourself in 20 years, Where will you be, what will you be doing, and who will be around you ?
3. What would you be willing to sacrifice everything for? (million dollars/ family? fame?... nothing?)
4. If you could spend a day in a great library studying anything, what would you study?
5. List 10 things you love to do.

Students took notes on the 8 posters from yesterday. Please see a member of your group to get the noptes they took
We discussed goal-setting.
1.identify a goal--Make it a SMART goal--specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely
2.action plan--lists to help them accomplish, and people to go to, and other resources
3.reflection--why was it important/did I reach it? what would I change?What did I do well?

Work to do--please get a copy of the goal setting worksheet from me in class--It is blue. Make a SMART goal around school. (Ex: I will get all A's and B's in work habits and content during first quarter; I will score a 5 or above on at least 80% of my math quizzes this quarter)

8/23-Sorry I am late in posting tonight.NO HOMEWORK
Mindfulness day--senses
We worked in groups to create posters about the chapter on "The importance of school!"
Thanks for your hard work today!!!
I will see you Monday.

8/22-No homework
Brain notes continued:
hippocampus-long term memory and emotional responses
thalamus-relaying info from sensory receptors to areas of the brain
corpus callosum--connect the right and left hempisphere
left hemisphere-analytic thought, logic, data, reasoning, science, 
rt. hemisphere-art and music awareness, creativity, imagination, insight, intuition, 3-D, left hand

Begin the first "Most Important Decision"--SCHOOL!
We divided up into groups and we will be making a poster tomorrow.--Please see me if you were absent so that I can place you in a group. :)

8/21-No Homework
Brain notes
frontal lobe-decision-making, cognitive behaviors, personalities
parietal lobe-sensory information processing, taste, touch, temperature
occipital lobe-eyesight processing
temporal lobe-hearing processing
cerebellum-coordination, balance

How to keep brain healthy--avoid drugs/alcohol, SLEEP 8-10 hours a night!, eat healthy, avoid caffeine and sugar in the evening because they can keep you awake, blue light on phones and i pads interrupt sleep, keep your brain challenged!

8/20-No homework
Today we finished habits 6 and 7 and turned in the 7 habits worksheet. If you were absent, please see me so that you have a grade for this paper. Happy new week!!!!

8/17---NO HOMEWORK Habits
 2,3,4,5--please see me to check out a book to read and summarize these pages. 
8/16-Mindfulness--learned the "Handy model" of the brain. There are times when we "flip our lid" and we have to acknowledge those times, and if we are stuck, have coping skills to get us back to our "cortex thinking" (fist) model again. We practiced sphere deep breaths.
Habit 1--Be proactive--take ownership of your life, actions, feelings and do not be the victim or allow others to influence your reactions--be in control. (we read this section)
 8/15--Checked that all students had a binder, spiral and planner. Collected the parent signed syllabus
*Passed out the work habit graph that will be completed every Friday.
*We really worked at getting to know our classmates and signing up "clock partners" to use for the semester. If you were absent please see me to get your work habit graph.
 8/14Assignment: By Wednesday-TOMORROW, please have a 1/2inch or 1 inch binder (can be a used one) and a spiral. 
Read the syllabus with your parents . Feel free to print out the last page or write a note "We understand the expectations and units of study" and have one parent and yourself sign it. The signed syllabus/paper is due TOMORROW. 
Where in the world is health?--Flexed our conceptual preference and looked at how the world around us affects our physical/social and/or mental/emotional health. 

8/13-Paradigm--a way to look at something. Using the 6 Most Important Decisions by Sean Covey, we looked at how this year would be about possibly shifting your paradigms and considering situations from different angles..
Assignment: By Wednesday, please have a 1/2inch or 1 inch binder (can be a used one) and a spiral. 
Read the syllabus with your parents this weekend. Feel free to print out the last page or write a note "We understand the expectations and units of study" and have one parent and yourself sign it. The signed syllabus/paper is due Wednesday. 

Assignment: By Wednesday, please have a 1/2inch or 1 inch binder (can be a used one) and a spiral.
Read the syllabus with your parents this weekend. Feel free to print out the last page or write a note "We understand the expectations and units of study" and have one parent and yourself sign it. The signed syllabus/paper is due Wednesday. 

2018 8th Health Syllabus .pdf