7 Tundra notes/classwork/homework

Important dates for the quarter:
4/16-Injury Prevention assessment
5/3--Drug prevention assessment
5/20- Personal Wellness assessment
10/19--need binder and spiral in classroom
11/16--SEW Assessment
12/14--Iron Chef Project Due
12/18--Health Eating Written Assessment
12/19--Healthy snack party and presentation
(quizzes will also occur but those dates are TBD)

5/17-collected worksheet from Monday, it will count for two grades
finished Broken chain story-discussed influences (internal and external) and values that were shown within the story

5/15 and 16------Deputy Martin
Resiliency--hanging in there, having good coping skills.
Turn the culture around--be tolerant!! be kind!!!--we are all different--if someone needs help because being kind is hard--get help--seek help. 

Kids today are overexposed and exploited by the devices they use

Kin are important parts of your life
Influential positive friends
Network of media Impacts you--watch and send only positive messages
Determined to learn the tools of maturity-emotional intelligence
No multi-tasking when there is work to be done
Existence of an Adult Mentor(s)
Seeking help with bumps in this transition
Strategies of self-awareness and self-regulation

Be the change--have true face to face moments!!!!! Don't text you are angry--talk, feel, understand the emotions you see. PUT PHONES AWAY

Impact words, exclusion, FOMO have an impact on relationships
Teasing--who teases their friends? Can this go too far?
Social labels---peer labels, cliques, or social groups-Example: Jocks vs Nerds
exclusion---only sticking with one group instead of getting to know everyone
digital world---tries to influence you constantly--

2 Types of Bullies--
entitled: Person who feels they have the RIGHT just because of their social status
Insecure /Inferior-- want to feel superior to others


Be more than a bystander!!!! Step in and help--don't let others put people down-strength in numbers--you make the difference in our culture and in our school--and let an adult know right away! BE AN UPSTANDER!!!!

Words hurt, looks hurt, physical harassment hurts too.
harassment-with intent to annoy/harass, it is against the law

Jason's story-- Can you be the positive difference in someone's life? :) A random act of kindness has ripple effects they change multiple people's lives. 

Crumpled piece of paper--can it ever be totally smoothed out? No---each time someone is hurt it puts a wrinkle that can stay--The way to fix our culture is to NOT SAY MEAN THINGS /Do NOT POST mean things!!!! Keep everyone safe --KINDNESS RULES!!!!!

What are 3 things you personally can do to make a difference and be the change for our culture today?

Part2: Social media impacts self-image and relationships
*Stop comparing--anyone can make themselves /their lives look perfect online
*overexposure and exploitation are happening lowering people's self-worth
You get what you look for. Perceptions become reality.
Video-what kids think of themselves and what others think of them
1 in 4 kids experience bullying--pick people up--don't put people down

Flirting vs hurting
*blushing, kind, laughter, asking questions about you, mutual most of the time, asking to be in intimate space
*mean, pushy, makes you feel uncomfortable, invading-especially personal space

Sexual harassment is a problem
"Love" is the biggest emotion--please don't ever be fooled and send a nude photo or video. They go viral. Once you hit send it cannot be taken back. 

Do not pretend to be someone you are not.

Sexual harassment-unwanted or unwelcome behavior sexual in nature (jokes, comments, unwanted touching, groping, physically intimidating, can take place in person or on electronic devices) BE DIRECT WHEN CONFRONTING A SEXUAL HARASSER

Quid Pro Quo harassment --doing this to get that (taking someone out on a date and expecting something in return)

GO TELL A COUNSELOR if you have been sexually harassed! Sexual harassment can be a single event.

Grooming--when one people convinces or coaxes to get something through trust and secrecy. --They try to build trust with you, then they get your secrets, and then they use your secrets against you. 

Con-language: "If you love me, prove it", "If you leave, I'll kill myself", "You know I wouldn't do anything to hurt you", 
 Emotional boundaries--set boundaries--what thoughts or emotions you will sdhare with people
Physical boundaries--protect your body

Be honest, be real, be kind!!!!!

5/14-passed back all quizzes and drug assessment-read the story Broken Chain to look at influences and personal values of the character in the story.

 5/13---OPEN NOTE QUIZ-----passed out homework assignment--it is due by Friday May 17!!
Interview your parents and write their answer and have them sign it. Do the student side--complete it with a lot of detail.

5/9 and 5/10-----Mrs. Maggiore had a sub--STUDY FOR QUIZ MONDAY
used the notes and created a metaphor for parts of the immune system 
5/8-Mrs Maggiore had a sub--STUDY FOR QUIZ MONDAY
I. Types of pathogens: bacteria (strep), virus (flu), Protozoa( malaria), fungi (athlete's foot)
II. How pathogens spread-
---------Direct contact with others: shaking hands,
---------Indirect contact with others: (particles in the air)sneezes, coughs, sharing drinks, eating utensils and other                personal items
---------Contact with animals or insects: --ticks, mosquitos, bite of rabid animal
---------Contaminated food and water: ---water not filtered, undercooked or spoiled meats/veggies/etc
---------Contact with someone else's blood
---------Sexual contact

III. 5 major Barriers of the Immune system:
----tears, saliva, skin, stomach acid, mucous membranes

IV:Antibodies: proteins that attack the antigens, keeping them from harming the body

V. The steps of the immune system response:
1. a pathogen invades the body
2 a macrophage engulfs one of the pathogens and presents its antigen to the T cells which identify the pathogen as an invader
3. T cells multiply and activate the B cells
4. B cells multiply
5. Some B cells and T cells become memory cells
6. B cells release antibodies
7. memory B and T cells remain in the system

VI. Preventing the spread of the pathogens:
if ill stay away from others, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze and cough, get medical treatment if needed, do not share eating utensils, glasses; wash hands often, keep hands away from mouth and nose, follow safe practices when handling ,preparing or storing foods; wipe counters and tables with warm water.

Teeth: brush and floss daily, brush after every meal or at least 2 times a day, rinse mouth with warm water, limit intake of sugar, eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies, visit a dentist 2 times a year, brush for 2 minutes in up and down and circular motions, use toothpaste with flouride
skin: wash daily, wash face gently twice a day, avoid use of heavy makeup, use deodorant, eat properly and stay active, use sunscreen, reapply sunscreen hourly, avoid tattoos
hair care: daily brushing, require washing, avoid sharing combs and hats, dry on cool settings
nails: clean in warm water, file them, cut toe nails straight but round fingernails
5/6 South Metro speaker on brain development and healthy vs unhealthy risk taking.

 5/2--Assessment tomorrow!!!!! Use the practice test attached to 4/30
Notes Mrs. Mueller (school nurse) Ms. DuVall (Prevention counselor):
Vape out day!
*Nicotine makes the brain release too much Dopamine and the brain is fooled into desiring that "feel good" feeling and addiction can occur
*e-cigs/vapes create an aerosol
*the flavorings are tempting for young people, they are NOT actual cherry juice, etc. they are a combination of chemicals to mimmick that flavor--chemicals that go into your body and the bodies of those around you--they have a smell and a stickiness to them--this is residue--it can impair your ability to breath (demonstration of first hand exposure and second hand exposure
*The nicotine companies want to addict a new generation--they were losing their smoking business. The e-cigs and vape pens have shown not to be effective helping people quit their nicotine addiction--it just replaces the device they are using. 
*The FDA does not regulate the vape market
*people to go to for help to quit or help someone to quit: nurse, counselors, parents, doctor, Colorado quit line 
*popcorn lung is a side effect, ingestion of liquid nicotine is harmful
*flavored liquid contains chemicals
*nicotine poisonings have increased due to the use of vape pens
*seizures are possible with too much nicotine
*MOST PEOPLE DO NOT VAPE--but Colorado ranks 50th in terms of healthy habits against vaping-we have more people who vape--why? how do we change this?
* nicotine effects brain, heart, lungs
* legal age to vape nicotine is 18
* Video--Juulers against Juul

 5/1--Do the practice test attached to 4/30 for homework tonight. 
Please take notes from these two videos on effects to the brain and body

We practiced writing a story that showed the addiction cycle we went over yesterday.
 4/30-Practice test for Fridays' assessment attached below
Practice Test for Drugs 7th copy.docx

please write about dopamine and the effects that drugs have on the brain. 
addiction cycle: experimentation--use--tolerance builds(needing more and more to get the same effects)--loss of control--denial--withdraw symptoms occur--relapse

 4/29-retakes tomorrow for injury prevention assessment if you came to the review Monday during lunch.
Refusal skill behavior rehearsal
If you were absent write a quick skit with 2 or 3 characters where a drug offer was made and the other character uses a refusal skill to refuse the offer. 

If you need a retake on the injury prevention assessment pack a lunch and review with me Monday at lunch time. You will then be eligible to retake the test Tuesday during lunch.

Returned assessments and held make up assessments from yesterday's quiz.

Thought changing
1. recognize first negative thought
2. change the thought to a positive thought!!

Notes: Refusal skills
simple No
change the subject
walk away
avoid the situation
give an alternative
 give an excuse
give a reason
self statement
strength in numbers
reverse the pressure 

 4/25--Took Quiz--If you were absent see me between 7am-7:340 Friday morning for a makeup test!!!
Direct peer pressure: someone verbally or non verbally makes an offer/suggestion to you.
Indirect peer pressure: You see others doing something so you join in without even being asked
Passive: voice-soft, weak, shaky , hesitant, unsure
             facial: no eye contact, looks around or down
             body language: backs away, slouch, fidgets
Assertive:Voice-confident, certain, sure, calm
              Facial-friendly, calm, eye contact
              Body language-relaxed, good posture
Aggressive: voice- pushy, loud, angry, fast
               Facial-staring, pinched, frowning
              Body language- leaning forward, invading the other person's space

Review day- we created SMART goals, and used DECIDE to solve for more decisions--practice on your own if you need an idea--use the D.E.C.I.D.E model for this situation--What should you do with your friend Friday night?
Social conformity--influenced many times by others--we give in in order to be accepted and to not appear different. 

4/23-Quiz on Thursday!!!! Quiz is on the Decision-Making Model--------
D=Define the problem
E=Explore your options (give at least 3)
C=Consider Consequences (create  T charts of +/- for each option)
I=Identify your values (What is important to you-honesty, friends, health, etc)
D=Decide and act on the decision (what do you exactly say "...."  and do)
E= Evaluate the decision (good/bad and why?)

Today we took notes and practiced the decision-making model (ex: you are at King Soopers and a kid from your Math class approaches you with 2 other people and says "HI" and asks if you want to join them for a smoke.

Improving self-image-setting goals--specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely

4/22--Quiz on decision-making Thursday
Notes from today:
Self-image: the beliefs or attitudes you have about yourself
Attitude: how we feel about something
Beliefs: what we accept as true or valid

According to CDC.gov survey information, 95% of middle schoolers have not vaped in the last 30 days--be a part of the majority!!--No vaping.

4/18-Deputy Martin Notes:

*Vape market is targeting kids--JUUL--flavors to entice kids, 
*Nicotine is as addictive as heroin
*Do the Tobacco/Nicotine companies care about your health? OR DO THEY CARE ABOUT MONEY?
*Tobacco is not an overnight killer--Vaping is not an overnight killer either--VAPING IS NOT SAFER TO START THAN CIGARETTES
* 1 pod=1 pack of cigarettes

Why do kids start:
1. trying to fit in--THE MAJORITY OF TEENS DO NOT VAPE
2. Trying to feel good (head rush) --can do this naturally (drawing, talking, sports, etc)
3. Forget Feelings (feelings are real--talk, use exercise, yoga, deep breathing)
*Vape pens have more nicotine than cigarettes, we have not seen the long-term effects, when kids can't afford the JUUL juice--the kids then turn to cigarettes for their nicotine need

Harmful effects of smoking: 
heart disease, taste buds effected, damage eyes, higher risk of strokes, lung diseases, earlier death, breathing problems, coughing


smoked-joints, dabbing, bongs
Edibles--1 hour to kick in
Electronic Hash--vaping
Side effects of high potency THC: paranoia/anxiety, dilated pupils, memory loss, decreased sperm, altered appetite, couch locked, hallucinations, depression, possibly earlier onset of schizophrenia, bi-polarism, depression, delirium

CBD is the non psychotic part of the plant--medicinal marijuana---
THC os the mind altering psychoactive part of the plant

THC used to be at 7% in marijuana plants decades ago---today it can be 35% or more.
Shatter can be at over 90% pure THC

THC can remain in body system for weeks and it replaces dopamine, CHS--throwing up for long periods of time due to high potency THC

Can be charged if found with marijuana under age

ALCOHOL--a legalized drug--alcohol is colorless and odorless, but alcoholic drinks have an odor
it is a depressant, causes thinking and coordination impairments
BAC-blood alcohol content--.08 is a DUI for adults
tolerance--building up ability to function even though their blood levels show they are drunk
MIP-Minor in Possession--If you are at an underage drinking party, you can be ticketed even if you are not drinking.
.02 is a DUI for someone under age 21.
drunk driving effects more than just the drunk driver--families and innocent people too
charges vehicular assault or vehicular homicide
alcohol poisoning--throwing up or passing out, coma, death
alcohol vaping----EXTREMELY TOXIC!!!!!--you cannot throw it up--it goes right to the brain
Protective factors----REACH FOR YOUR GOALS and DREAM!!!!! Your life is very valuable!!!!!

4/17-Deputy Martin Notes: ---------No school
4/16-Assessment--Thank you for working so hard and showing all of your knowledge! I am so proud of all of you!!!
4/15--review day Assessment tomorrow
4/12--take notes on the following emergencies--use the practice test attached to yesterday (scroll down a little)

Surviving earthquake



Tornado –discuss difference watch vs warning-where to go in school too


Flash floods


4/11- Fainting---notes and practice, seizures---notes, Unconscious and breathing performance completed-
-All performance assessments have been completed and sheets were collected.
If you were absent please complete the performance assessment during lunch on Friday.
All quizzes were made up and returned as well. Please see me at lunch Friday if you still need to make that one quiz up from Monday!!!

practice test for injury prevention.pdf

 4/10-Weather emergencies--read deep survival--three climbers story
Surviving lightening strikes-please take notes off the following video. 

4/9-Avalanche and avalanche survival--watch the videos and take notes
Read deep survival pgs 140-142-Nick Williams story-critically thought through what he did right and wrong on his day of skiing.

4/8-took a quiz on the basics of responding--if you were absent, please see me
performance tests----head injury and bleeding--please see me if you were absent

4/5--Hands only CPR--Nurse--Kelli Mueller came in to teach
If person is not responsive and not breathing give 100-120 compressions per minute

4/4-finished allergies and diabetes performance assessment; completed choking performance assessment

4/3--taught fire safety, cover your mouth if there is smoke in the room, get low to the ground, crawl if you have to to find the door--touch with back of your hand. Open window to relieve smoke or to use as an exit----have a meeting place for your family!
performance test for allergies and diabetes was today

4/2-Good Samaritan Law-You are protected, by law, to help someone as long as you perform what is within the scope of your abilities
obtained consent--if someone is conscious you must ask, "Can I help you?"
implied consent--If someone is unconscious you are able to help them automatically
recognizing an emergency---unusual sights, sounds, smell, 
universal precautions--NEVER TOUCH SOMEONE ELSES BODILY FLUIDS!!--always use a barrier between the fluid and your hand (ex: gloves, sweatshirt, etc)
3Cs--check---scene for safety and information; victim for ABC's (airway open, breathing, circulation-pulse or bleeding)
Call-911 or the emergency number
Care-give first aid

We completed the nosebleed performance assessment

4/1-Using the first aid app-write notes on heart attack and take the app test, Unresponsive but breathing--notes only, prepared (under quizzes)-take the app test, but no need to take notes

3/29-Lost in the snow-video
 3/28-Add these to your notes : heat exhaustion( 3 symptoms and what to do), stroke(F.A.S.T.) diabetes(5 symptoms and what to do), frostbite(signs of, how to treat) hypothermia(signs/symptoms and what to do); take app test for stroke.
3/27-Today we researched allergies, choking, bleeding , nose bleeds and head injuries on the ARC first aid app-notes are needed on all of these emergencies--come test out with me during enrichment if you need to make any up.
3/26- Bring your spiral and binder back to class if you did not bring it today!
Notes: Today we used the First Aid app and we took notes on Sprains and strains, broken bones and burns--what to do for those emergencies--watch video, read about it, then come in and take the app test with me--lunch and enrichment time or at 7:15am is great!!!!
Homework: Ask Parents if you can download the American Red Cross First Aid App. We will be using it for the next two weeks.

 3/25- Welcome Back-please bring your spiral and binder back to class if you did not bring it today!
Notes: We placed the assessment dates in our planner 
Homework: Ask Parents if you can download the American Red Cross First Aid App. We will be using it for the next two weeks.

12/20--Thanks for a great quarter! Have a wonderful break!!!!!!

12/19-- Healthy snack party and presentation

 12/18--ASSESSMENT--workbooks graded.
Healthy snack party is tomorrow-please bring enough snacks for 6 or more people. The rubric for your PSA is attached to 12/11

Practice test attached to 12/11-do it this weekend!!!!
12/13 IRON CHEF DUE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! Please study serving sizes and number of servings per day.
Eating disorder notes:
Anorexia nervosa-not eating enough to sustain a healthy body weight and healthy body
Bulimia-binging and then purging (getting rid of the food by vommiting, diarrhea, or over exercise)
Binge eating disorder--compulsive eating/overeating that results in obesity

12/12 Iron chef due by Friday 12/14 Practice test attached earlier this week-scroll down
Please be sure you are doing a thorough job on your write up and paperwork for the Iron Chef project. Follow the rubric attached below. Iron chef due by Friday 12/14

*Assignment to complete--Create a menu for a full day (Breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Requirements:   (Use pgs--11,12,13 to help you) --all of these completed is a "4"
*Serving amounts were correct for every category for a full day

*Huge variety of healthy foods used-(eat by color was obvious)

*lower in saturated fats and sugar

*menu was very detailed

* detailed with correct serving sizes per item, with picture representation

12/11--IRON CHEF RUBRIC ATTACHED YESTERDAY Iron chef due by Friday 12/14
Please be sure you are doing a thorough job on your write up and paperwork for the Iron Chef project. Follow the rubric attached below. Iron chef due by Friday 12/14

Healthy snack presentation will be 12/19-rubric for your public service announcement is attached below. Please bring enough for 6 people
Rubric for Healthy snack Presentation.pdf
Practice test for Healthy Eating Assessment.pdf

We read an article on healthy snacking-it should have more than 1 food group represented.

We practiced our decision-making model again.

The prompt was "Thinking of what is in your fridge and cabinets, decide what to have as a snack for after school."
Use all steps of D.E.C.I.D.E

12/10--IRON CHEF RUBRIC ATTACHED TO TODAY!!!!! Iron chef due by Friday 12/14
Please be sure you are doing a thorough job on your write up and paperwork for the Iron Chef project. Follow the rubric attached below. Iron chef due by Friday 12/14
Iron Chef Rubric ABD.pdf
*We looked at pgs15-17 being sure the totals were correct.

*Complete pg. 18
Then we looked at how balanced or unbalanced the days were and how we could balance them out. 
D= Define the problem
E=Explore options (3 or more)
C=Consider the consequences (pluses and minuses for each option)
I=Identify your values (what's important to you)
D= Decide and ACT on your decision
E=Evaluate the decision--good or bad and why

We practiced with this in class. If you are absent--think of this scenario-- you are at the mall with friends. You must decide what to eat from chick fil a. Use the DECIDE model to show each step in the decision-making process.  

12/7--Assigned pgs 15,16,17 as homework this weekend!!
Returned quizzes

12/6--QUIZ today!!
rewrote paragraph if needed to, created a plate that had pictures and labeling of pictures with exact serving sizes. The plate had to be a breakfast that included at least 4 out of 5 food groups. It needed to be colorful and labeled with exact serving sizes. Please see me if you were absent about this assignment--it will be graded. 

12/5--STUDY serving sizes, food in food groups and influences for tomorrow's quiz!!
Wrote a paragraph about which of the influences influences you the most concerning your food choices--this is required--please see me if you were absent.

12/4-Quiz on 12/6 over food groups/serving sizes , influences
*completed page 7 in workbook
Influences on food choices
health reasons
taste preferences
geography -----ex: "I live in Texas and we eat a lot of beef from local ranches"
family, friends/culture

Think of an example for each

12/3- Quiz on 12/6 over food groups/serving sizes
completed pg. 6 in your workbook
eat by color -- create your own personal notes as to which foods you like under each color :)
Eat by color.pdf

11/30- Quiz on 12/6 over food groups/serving sizes
returned quizzes-graphed grades
completed pg 5 in our workbook

11/29-Retake tomorrow.
researched various vitamins and minerals
completed page 4 in our workbooks

11/28--STUDY!!!! QUIZ THURS on nutrients. If you scored a 4,3,2,1 You can earn up to a 5 by coming to the mandatory review on Thursday during lunch and then retaking the test Friday during lunch--MUST PACK A LUNCH BOTH DAYS!!!! You must come Thursday to retake on Friday.

Researched a vitamin or mineral today

handed out iron chef project due by Dec. 14

11/27--QUIZ THURS on nutrients. If you scored a 4,3,2,1 You can earn up to a 5 by coming to the mandatory review on Thursday during lunch and then retaking the test Friday during lunch--MUST PACK A LUNCH BOTH DAYS!!!! You must come Thursday to retake on Friday.

Notes today:
6 Essential nutrients

provide energy
complex--(starches)breads, pasta, beans, rice, potatoes, corn
simple-(sugar)honey, fruit, milk

proteins: repair body cells and tissues

complete-eggs, meat dairy, fish
incomplete-grains, beans, nuts, plants

saturated--animal based (meat, poultry, dairy) and solid at room temperature 
Unsaturated--plant based , nuts, olives, avocados and liquid at room temperature

vitamins: help regulate body functions
Water soluble--- vitamins B and C (vitamin C --fruit, vegetables) ( Vitamin B--grains)
-------fat soluble----vitamins A,D,E K (milk has D ) (fruits and vegetables A )

strengthen bones and teeth, help keep blood healthy, keep heart and other organs functioning properly
---calcium, phosphorus, magnesium minerals that help your bones (milk has calcium) 
---iron is needed for making red blood cells (meat , spinach, and other green leafy vegetables fruits and dry beans contain iron)
--Potassium, sodium and chloride help maintain body fluids (sodium comes from saly)

helps with digestions, moves nutrients through the body, removes waste and regulates body temperature
need 8-10 cups a day

11/26-returned tests. If you scored a 4,3,2,1 You can earn up to a 5 by coming to the mandatory review on Thursday during lunch and then retaking the test Friday during lunch--MUST PACK A LUNCH BOTH DAYS!!!! You must come Thursday to retake on Friday.

Passed out the workbook for our new unit.

 11/16-ASSESSMENT!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving-Have a wonderful break!!! You have worked hard!!!!

11/15-Assessment tomorrow-practice!!Practice!!!!
Performed conflict resolution skits and gave constructive feedback today

 11/14-If you have not completed the practice test attached to 11/12, please do so so that you can ask me questions tomorrow. Your assessment is Friday!!! Tomorrow we will present our skits.
Stress: -2 types--Eustress-positive stress; Distress-negative stress that has negative effects physically and emotionally
Adrenaline is released that heightens senses, increases heart rate and breathing, sends energy to muscles
Stress management---exercise, playing games, time management, talking to friend or family, watch funny videos, play favorite sport/activity, draw, write, read, color, deep breathing, etc.

11/13-Do the practice test for SEW!! It is attached to 11/12. Assessment is Friday!!
Today we worked on our Conflict resolution skits. Tomorrow we will perform them for a grade.

11/12-Begin working on your practice test. It will be attached to today.
Constructive feedback
Give feedback 1 on 1 not in front of others; don't mention past mistakes; praise good points first before mentioning mistakes; focus on the problem not the person
Receiver: consider the reason for the feedback; focus on the message--helpful advice; ask questions to help you understand their point of view
Conflict Resolution
Take a time out before confronting the other person (count to 10 or take a few minutes)
A-allow each person to tell their side uninterrupted
L-let each person ask a question of the other
K-keep brainstorming to find a win-win solution
Practice test for 7th grade SEW Assessment.pdf

11/9-Deputy Martin Presentation--On-line--What's real or not
Fake news, Predators and Human trafficking
Fact checking:
Who created it?
For whom was it created?
When was it created?
Was it changed in any way?

1. Check the source--look at url-double check spelling and domaine, look at news tab to see if others are reporting it
2. reverse images to see if they appear elsewhere
3. check your biases---go to other website to check 
4. check your gut--if something feels weird
5. Breath--take a deep breath and wait before you post

Don't let strangers in your house--they are in your house when they come in on-line
Predators Groom---they want TRUST and SECRECY ----they will have the same favorites as you--they will take your side especially against your parents, become your BFF online, keep your secrets and if you don't do what they say they will "tell" about you---THESE ARE PREDATORS!!!

Human Trafficking--you are sold, typically for sex, the police go after the person who did this to you. Average age 12-14.

 THINK ............before you SEND
Should I ...
Is the purpose.........    (SEND)
Sexual, secretive,            safe
Embarrassing, exciting,    enjoyable
Naive, needy,                  noble
Dangerous, deviant,         delightful
 5 Ps---Used by Predators and Human Traffickers
1. pretend :to act like someone your age
2. promise :you great things
3. provider: offer to take care of you
4. protector: use intimidation and control
5. Punisher: Uses threats and violence to control you

Deputy Martin- Digital Citizenship Notes
Emotional IQ: the ability to perceive, use, manage or understand emotions--- can only be improved between face to face contact. 80% of success. develops empathetic behavior, brings real world in sight, helps to develop better relationships,
have adult mentors, 

Ways to be a better digital citizen:
be neighborly, know the site before you text-post-write
know where the site is from, block numbers, if something is sexual in nature report it to parents immediately, if something is threatening or mean, report it to parents immediately, make your passwords unique, privacy settings, go out of your way to make someone's day.
Your social media is your "Business"--be sure you are marketing yourself well. colleges and jobs can look into your social media. Everything online can be brought up today, 10 years from now or 20 years from now--do you really want what you placed online out there for your future?

cyberbullying--5 tips:
1. don't respond or retaliate
2. block phone numbers, screen names, emails
3. save the evidence-take screen shots
4. report it
5. Tell a trusted adult--it is standing up for yourself

When sending a text or posting on line----RETHINK!!!!! what was said vs why it was said. what was said is not important, you are priceless!!! Do not agree with people on line--agree with people who are closest to you!! You are priceless!!!

Controlling texts-----report texts or posts if they make you uncomfortable. Pornography is a problem. Sexual pictures can pop up easily--always report those problems. Sexting--sending or receiving sexual pictures is against the law. Can haunt a person forever because once you hit send you cannot take it back. 

11/7--Quiz tomorrow on passive, assertive, aggressive statements; I statements; win-win, win-lose, lose-win, lose-lose
We practiced  and reviewed P/As/Ag statements and I statements today.


Win-win: both people get what they want or can be happy with
ex: "Let's go to dinner"
"Let's go to the movies"
"Lets go to dinner then the movies."
Win-lose: the person is aggressive and get's what they want at the expense of the other person's desires
ex: "We are going to the movies"
"But we always do what you want"
"Yeah, so..."
"Okay, whatever"

Taking the blame or being walked on so the others don't feel bad--a pleaser at all costs
Ex: "Why don't we just go to the movies. My idea idea wouldn't matter anyways"

Neither succeeds, neither gets what they want--both are aggressive and wont give in
ex: "Let's go to the Movies"
"Let's go to Dinner"
"That's stupid"
"I don';t want to go to the movies"
"Forget it--I don't want to do anything."
"Me either"

11/5--Homework due Wed------------------the directions are below:
On a separate sheet of paper write a passive, assertive and aggressive response for the situation (be sure they are labeled correctly and you use quotation marks) and
change the two "You" statements to "I" statements

 "You" to "I" statements
1"You don't care what I think"_________________________________________________________
2. "You're always making me late"______________________________________________________

Write the correct response below to this situation
Your sister borrowed your favorite hoodie without permission.

 Passive statement_____________________________________________________________________________

 Assertive statement__________________________________________________________________________

 Aggressive statement________________________________________________________________________


Passive: the person is quiet and gives in easily and gets walked on
Assertive: the person stands up for themselves and thinks of the other person too
Aggressive: Loud, demanding, doesn't care about the other person's feelings

I statements--stand up for themselves without blaming others. 
Sentences state with "I think..." or "I feel..." DOES NOT use "you"

examples: "
You never let me do anything"
I statement "I feel I never get to do anything"
"You don't include me!"
"I feel I am never included"

11/1--orally practicing the genuine listening notes from yesterday--
Notes: How do you start sentences to show:
Listening with your eyes---" I see that..." ,
Listening with your ears: "I hear that..." or "It sounds like.."
Standing in their shoes: "I understand how you feel about/when...."
                                   "I 've felt that way too when...."
Mirroring: "It sounds like you feel...", "I can see that you are feeling...",
               "So, as i see it...","You're feeling that..." "So, what you're saying is..."

10/31-Happy Halloween----QUIZ ON FRIDAY!!!
Genuine listening Notes:
Mirroring-repeating in your own words, warm and caring, 
Listen with eyes, ears, heart: eyes-pay attention to body language; ears--to the words that are said; Heart--tone used and feelings shown/said
Stand in their shoes: feel what they are feeling (empathy), think of their point of view

10/30--SOS with Ms. DuVal Prevention Sources of Strength

10/29-Mission statement
We created words to live by reading Habit 2-- Begin With The End in Mind

The Great Discovery.
Please answer the following and bring them with you to class if you were absent. 
1. Qualities that I want to develop/have are.......
2. In 20 years the most important people who will be in my life are...and I will be doing....
3. Who or what would I be willing to cross two skyscrapers for?
4. I was deeply inspired when....
5. 10 things I love to do....
6. If I could learn about anything it would be...
7. 5 years from now I hope they will be able to say about me...
8. Create a simile for yourself--I am like a ------because.......
9. If I could, I would spend an hour with.... because....
10. My talents are.....

 10/25-Can do attitude-Take initiative to make things happen; Think about solutions and options; Act
Power tools of being proactive--take time to pause!!!
self-awareness-stand apart from self and observe
conscience-right from wrong
imagination-envision new possibilities
willpower-power to choose

10/24-strength day-abs
We practiced using the reactive and proactive language for various situations--example: Your mom promised to buy you shoes a month ago, but you came home and found out she bout your little sister new shoes today. 

Watched video "No arms, no legs, no worries

Exit-What is something you need to be more proactive about--how will you do that?

 10/23--Mindfulness: parts of the brain--amygdala(fight, flight, freeze, fawn), hippocampus,(memories) prefrontal cortex (thinking, decision-making)
Habit 1--Be Proactive--You have the remote control of your life!
Reactive language--I'll try; That's just the way I am; There's nothing I can do; I have to; I can't; You ruined my day
Proactive language-- I'll do it; I can do better than that; Let's look at all the options; I choose to; There's gotta be a way; I'm not going to let your bad mood rub off on me

10/22--cardio day
Passed out learning graph and work habits graph--please see me if you were absent--they are in the back of the room for you
Planner--we scheduled our weekly plans to help keep us organized.

 10/19-Homework: Binder/spiral due!!!!!!!!!
Presentations of the Private victory occurred

10/18-Homework: Please bring 3 ring binder (1 inch or 1/2 inch) and a single subject spiral notebook by Friday at the latest
Notes: The Private Victory
Keep Promises to Yourself
Do Small Acts of Kindness
Be Gentle with Yourself
Be Honest
Renew Yourself
Tap Into your Talents

10/17-Homework: Please bring 3 ring binder (1 inch or 1/2 inch) and a single subject spiral notebook by Friday at the latest
set up clock partners
Notes: 7 habits
habit 1--Be Proactive
Habit 2- Begin with the End in Mind
Habit 3- Put First things First
Habit 4-Think Win-Win
Habit 5-Seek First to understand, Then be Understood.
Habit 6--Synergize
Habit 7-Sharpen the Saw
Paradigm--your beliefs, perspectives, the way you see things

10/16-Homework: Please bring 3 ring binder (1 inch or 1/2 inch) and a single subject spiral notebook by Friday at the latest
Notes: 3 sides of the health triangle--social health--communication, relationships;
 physical health-sleeping, healthy eating, disease prevention, exercise ;
emotional/mental health--stress and stress management, feelings, mental disorders, mindfulness
10/15--Intro, seating. Homework: Please bring 3 ring binder (1 inch or 1/2 inch) and a single subject spiral notebook by Friday at the latest