Remote Learning

Dear Ranch View Families, 

Ranch View Middle School, along with all of Douglas County School District, will be moving to a remote learning environment from November 30th to December 17th (We will look for students to return to school on January 5th). Ranch View staff and teachers truly care about our students, and we will work to provide the best education for your children during this challenging time.  

This remote learning environment will be different from what students experienced in the spring of 2020.  To promote success, we want to communicate openly and share what the expectations will be for students on a daily basis.  One key element of our schedule is that we will not have cohorts during remote learning.  Students will log into live classes every day at their assigned times.  

For remote learning, we will be running a modified 8 period day schedule. Students will be attending their classes virtually, periods 1-8.  We shortened the length of the class by 5 minutes to allow 10 minutes between each period. We also scheduled an hour for lunch/movement break. There will be no enrichment classes for these 14 days so that the lunch time can be extended to one hour. Our Friday schedule will remain as it has been all year in which students attend each of their classes on a shortened schedule.  With no cohorts happening, students will be logging into live classes every day.  

Students will access their learning through their Google Classroom and join the teacher and classmates in a live session using Google Meets/Zoom. Students will have virtual, real-time instruction with a teacher every class period, every day.

Although the class periods are shorter, we want to be aware of the amount of time kids will spend in front of a screen. Students will be expected to log in at the start of each class period.  Once logged in, students will be in that class for a minimum of 20 minutes for instruction with their teacher and fellow students.   Teachers may use the rest of the time for work completion, break out sessions, small group help, or individual check-ins. Please understand there will be days where the above timing may fluctuate depending on the lesson and material the teachers are covering. 

Typical Class:

  • Attendance taken
  • Instruction of class
  • Interaction with peers in class
  • Classroom discussion
  • Assignment given and opportunity to ask clarifying questions

The remainder of class may include:

  • Student work time on assignments and activities
  • Students interacting with each other for small group work
  • Teacher working with students in small groups or individually
  • Teacher stays in the Google Meet to answer questions and provide support/feedback
  • Possible closure to the lesson 

This structure allows students to gain direct instruction and interaction with their teacher, and it allows work time for assignments and projects.  It also gives consistent times for students to be online and join a class while giving students autonomy within other parts of the class and their day.  

It is important for everyone to know that we will continue to have attendance, grading, and behavior expectations as we do when we are in school.  Attendance for each class period will be taken at the start of each class, just like a typical school day.  Teachers will be giving assignments and grading them as usual.  Again, please note that students will not have cohorts during remote learning.    

We want parents to know the new schedule and daily expectations.  Consistency will be important for students and families to be successful. 

Below are the time frames and periods for your child.  

Monday - Thursday                                                                      




Period 1


Period 2


Period 3


Period 4


Period 5


Lunch and Movement Break


Period 6


Period 7


Period 8


The Friday schedule WILL NOT change.  It will remain as it has been all year, where students attend each of their classes for 25 minutes on Friday morning. Students will attend all classes from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. 






Period 1


Period 2


Period 3


Period 4


Period 5


Period 6


Period 7


Period 8





Throughout the next few days, teachers will give instructions and procedures for how remote learning will look for students between November 30th through December 17th.  All students will have the necessary codes to access the learning.  Please note that December 18th is a furlough day for teachers.  Teachers will not be grading or responding to phone calls and emails on this day.  

Ranch View staff are extremely proud of students, and we so appreciate the support from our community as we work this most challenging year.  

Proud to be your leader, 
Erin Kyllo


Online School Resources

- How to Login to Student e-mail
- How to Login to Google Classroom (Great Video Click Here)
- How to Connect School Device to Home Wifi
  - Video Meeting Etiquette
  - Link to Clever - Clever Page

Need help with Technology?  Click HERE

Library Resources

- Tumble books has a middle school version called teen book cloud, you can sign up for a free trial

- SORA This is a DCSD database that only allows students to access books that are appropriate for them - think Overdrive, but kid friendly :)
- Screencastify this is a chrome extension that is super easy to use and allows you to record your screen with audio for 5 minutes. 

This is a Google doc of links to free educational services. The list will update as people locate more sources that are currently being offered free due to Click Here