Why Chromebooks

An important consideration.

In short, they're 1.) inexpensive, 2.) aligned with many of the learning tools that our students already employ (e.g., Google Classroom),  3.) have been part of the overall learning culture of our building long enough to build a solid "comfort level" for student and staff usage. 

Purchasing Options

DCSD is able to offer school district purchasing options through govconnection.  See info above. You may purchase the same Chromebook and same warranty at the exact same price the school purchases them.  These are not the only Chromebooks that work for our initiative.  Any Chromebook works, we are just extending our pricing to you.

You will need your Service Tag/Serial number for warranty service.  If your tag has worn off, follow these directions to locate it.  When Dell asks you who it is registered with, tell them Douglas County School District.  It will expedite the warranty process.

Chromebooks Tips

Chromebooks are a pretty simple computer, but have many different capabilities.  We are compiling a list of different resources, tips and tricks for the use of the Chromebooks.  Check out our continually changing page to help get the most out of your device.


Student GMAIL Accounts Student gmail accounts, allow them to utilize Google docs  Students and teachers use this functionality on a daily basis.
Device Support