Mr. Sundgren's Physical Education Class

Welcome to 7th and 8th Grade Physical Education.  My name is Mr. Sundgren and I teach PE for the Tundra pods.  7 Tundra will have PE 1st and 3rd Quarter and 8 Tundra will have PE 2nd and 4th Quarter.  

Welcome back from Break and to Online PE!
Below you will find information daily for what we are doing.  Also follow me on twitter, @hsundgren67, for daily challenges, videos and "the leaderboard".
Please check my website daily for changes and updates.  Remember to email me with any questions.

**Important Please Read**
I will be transitioning to Google Classroom starting Monday 4/6.  Below are the codes for each class period.

Period 2: r7d4gpj
Period 3: ywbcios
Period 4: pesj76o
Period 5: 5yxatey
Period 6: 2xsvysd

3/30-4/3 8 Tundra Weekly Online Outline Click Here

Welcome to Online PE Letter Click Here

3/30-4/3 PE Lesson Plans Click Here

**ALL Fitness Tests are a WORK HABITS ONLY grade** This is just a check in to see where your fitness levels are at.

Monday 3/30: Watch the stretching video and then complete your plank test.  Use your phone, clock or family member to help time.  Complete the Fitness Data, Goals and Online tracker worksheet by the end of the week.

8 Tundra Weekly Online Outline Click Here
PE Lesson Plans Tuesday-Friday Click Here
Tuesday 3/24: Watch the TP Workout video on the green lesson plan document.  Complete the workout on your own being sure to follow the correct number of sets and reps.  Once you are finished there is a link to a quick google form to fill out.  This is how I will know if you completed the workout or not.
***Optional***follow me on twitter, @hsundgren67, and submit a video of your best time on two parts of the workout.  Top 3 time will get points.

Wednesday 3/25: Read through the Target Heart Rate Worksheet on the 8 Tundra Weekly Online Outline.  Make YOUR OWN COPY and put YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME and CLASS PERIOD in the title and share with me.  You must complete 3 aerobic exercises and fill in your heart rate information in the boxes.  If you want to do 2 more that is going above and beyond :) 

Friday 3/27: Read through the Minute to Win It games and pick 6 of them to do.  2 of them must come from the cardio list.  After you are done fill out the google form.