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Greetings 8th Arctic, Welcome to online PE where you never have to worry about dressing out, remembering a combo, battling for space as you get changed, or smelling a locker room!!!!! But, for me, I am going to miss seeing you in person!

I hope you enjoyed your actual break (even if you were stuck inside in quarantine)

The PE Dept. will have an online PE activity for you to complete each day.  Sometimes they will be quick and fun games or challenges, other days we will have an at home workout to complete.  We will also be doing online fitness testing next week and you will have a chance to work with a group to create a game the week after that.

Remember, just keep moving, stay positive, use PE as a movement break time, and laugh and have fun as much as you can!
I will post your lessons on my google classrooms so that you know what will be happening. Email me if you have any problems. The most current lesson will be at the top so that you can see all of the days before in case you missed anything. 

Activities/Lessons:--Go to your Google Classroom
Email me if you have an issue.

Week 4/6-10-Create a game--will be posted 4/7
Week of 3/30-4/3--Fitness Testing and Fitness data tracker/goals worksheet due by Friday

week of 3/26-3/30
Title all work: P.___(Full name)

3/24--TP workoutTP workout--click on the following link to use a common household product to help you workout. Follow the workout doing the correct number of sets and reps. For the TP toss, if you are on your own toss it against the wall and catch it. :) Have fun with this challenge!
 When you finish the workout complete the google form TP Workout Reflection
Ok, you know me --if you have to do it, so will I--time to beat-8:07-now I challenge you. DO NOT HURT ANY ROLLS!!!!  :) . For each activity here is what I did:
1. stacking--stacking up and taking down of all 9 rolls equals 1 round--do 3 rounds of those
2. stand up--do 3 sets of 5 reps per side of the body (I did right side 5xs, left side 5xs and repeated it 3 times)
3. shuttle--12 feet start with both rolls run one down run back pick up the other, run it down, run back to empty area=1 rep must do 5 of those
4. stackers- build and take down is one rep-do 15 times 
5. single leg TP toss (I did it 4 feet away against the wall on my own)-each leg 10 tosses 3 times
6. lateral jumps (Ha! My coach said I had a credit card jump--proved him wrong! I got over TP!!) 3 sets of 5 jumps
Have fun!!!!!!!-the stand up was my hardest!!!

3/25-Heart rate--Happy cardio day!!!! Jogging Exercise.pngTime to keep those good lungs going. Today you will complete the attached worksheet. Please make a copy of it, title it P.____ (Full name) and share it with me at
Remember, feel free to use your 10 minute exercises as movement brain breaks throughout the day. :) I can't wait to see what all of you choose to do and how your heart rates were. :)

Target Heart Rate

3/26-   20-30 second Tik Tok or Dance- go to my new :) google classroom and join. That's where you will upload your videos.
I am sending your code to you.  Thanks for going to my website as I got everything set up!! You are the best!!!!

3/27--Minute to Win It!!!--go to google classroom--the directions and google form are waiting for you.:) Have fun!!!!!