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Welcome!!!! I teach PE on 7/8 Arctic. . Please use my website any time you need a copy of the notes, activities, or handouts. I wish you a very happy and healthy year!!!

To increase your physical strength and endurance, are you practicing your sit ups, planks, push ups and jogging at least every other day? Can you add 3-5 each time you do them (or increase the speed or distance?) ?


7 Arctic Content Knowledge due dates for Quarter 3
1/17--Goal Setting worksheet due
1/31-(work habit grade)--Rhythm and movement field trip form due--directions below!!
2/26-  5 components of fitness assessment
2/28--Rhythm and movement unit completed-3 grades are due this day
3/5-Fitness testing grade is completed and entered
3/5-Reflection worksheet from fitness testing is due
(3/6--Last day for all late assignments to be turned in for all teachers across 7 Arctic pod)
3/10--Final PE Assessment

Notes for 5 Components of Fitness Assessment:
5 Components of Fitness--
1. Cardiovascular Endurance-exercising the heart and lungs for a long period of time without tiring--ex: pacer

2. Muscular strength--Being able to lift and resist a certain amount of weight------ex: bench press, push up
3. Muscular Endurance--the ability for a muscle group to work for a prolong period of time without tiring--ex: plank, sit ups
4. Flexibility--being able to hold and deepen a range of movement around a joint--ex: sit and reach, butterfly stretch
5. Body Composition--percentage of body weight that is fat, muscle and bone

Target Heart rate 
220-your age X .60-.85=Target heart rate
Example 220-13=207        207x.60=124
So, the target heart rate when exercising for a 13 year old is 124-175 heart beats per minute.

The most accurate way of taking your heart rate is by placing your index and middle finger on your carotid artery on your neck and counting the heart beats for 60 seconds. 

5Components of fitness

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