Unit #5- Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Map Assignment
Governments of Ancient Greece Article

Ancient Greece Quiz

A.    Geography of Greece – (Resource: Use Ancient Greece Map)

1.     What is a city-state?

2.     Location of Mediterranean and Aegean Seas (in relation to Greece)

3.     Impact of Mountains in Greece

4.     Impact of the seas in Greece

5.     The conditions for agriculture (farming) in Greece

B.    Government & Rise of Democracy - (Resource: Use Ancient Greece Government Organizer)

1.     Define Monarchy

2.     Define Oligarchy

3.     Define Tyranny

4.     Define Democracy – both Direct & Representative

5.     Explain how Greece’s governments evolved from monarchy to democracy

C.     Religion & Mythology –  (Resource: Use God/Goddesses Chart)

1.     Your city-state’s god/goddess (name, characteristics)

2.     Know which patron gods/goddesses belonged to each city-state (in our class) and what they were god/goddess of

3.     Explain why mythology & gods/goddesses were so important to the culture of ancient Greece

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