Corrections and Retest Policy

Quiz or Test Corrections.docx

- Corrections must be done on my corrections form (attached), and accurate, specific explanations are expected for each incorrect problem.
            Do not begin your explanation with "I didn't."  Each explanation should begin with "I should..." or "I 
            need to..." and then explain how to do the part of the problem where they made their mistake.
- Test corrections may not be turned in during class, but must be turned in when there is time for a short discussion (during Enrichment or after school).  I will look over the corrections, ask a couple questions to see the level of understanding, and try to determine whether the student is ready to retest. 
- If some of the "corrections" were not correct, the student will need to make corrections on the corrections.
- For quizzes, only corrections are necessary, and they must be completed and turned in by the date of the test which covers the same material.  Corrections on quizzes are always allowed, and they may be turned in to my pink turn-in bucket at any time.
- For tests, I will announce whether corrections and retesting will be allowed when I hand back the tests.  (I will also mention it in the bi-weekly 7 Arctic newsletter.)  Both corrections and retesting are necessary in order to show that material has been mastered and thereby raise a test grade.  The entire process must be completed within 2 weeks of when the grade was entered in the grade book.
-  Retesting does not guarantee that the grade will be raised; the retest will be graded on the same criteria as the original test, but of course it is my sincere hope that your child will succeed both in the short term with grades and in the long run with enduring understanding.

- It is the student's responsibility to arrange for a time to retest.  If there is time during Enrichment, it can be done then.   However, there is not always time during enrichment, and students might need to arrange a time after school (preferred) on Tuesday or Wednesday, or before school if I have an open morning.


Please reach out to me any time you have questions or concerns.