This Week in Language Arts

Sept. 30--Oct. 4 , 2019

7th Language Arts:

Monday, Sept. 30: 
Quiz Towers Falling (Open-book); Character Analysis work time--due!

Tuesday, Oct. 1:
Plan and begin drafting formal paragraph related toTowers Falling

Wednesday, Oct. 2: Draft formal paragraph in Google Classroom

Thursday, Oct. 3: Peer edit formal paragraph--due tonight at midnight

Friday, Oct. 4: Semi-colon/Quotation punctuation work; Free read

7th Advanced Language Arts

Monday, Sept. 30: Define and differentiate the types of Irony, and read two short stories in small groups in order to find examples

Tuesday, Oct. 1 :
 Finish stories and examples; Exit slip quiz-Irony

Wednesday, Oct. 2:
Pre-question "The Most Dangerous Game," and begin reading the story together
Thursday, Oct. 3: 
Finish reading the story, and fill out Literature webs in small groups; HWK--vocabulary web and short answer questions

Friday, Oct. 4: 
​Semi-colon/quotation practice; Free read