Overview Of Chinese Program at RVMS

Chinese program (Mandarin, i.e., the official version, not a dialect) at RVMS is a two year program (Chinese 1A, 1B) that introduces the basics of Chinese as a World Language and builds the foundation for future learning. Please be aware that because of the budget cuts, starting from 2018-19 school year, the feeder high school ThunderRidge no longer offers Chinese as a World Language option for continuation. Therefore your child will need to switch to other language programs, such as Spanish, French or American Sign language. However, in two years at RVMS, your child will still have learned a lot of Chinese.  They will have enough knowledge to enable them to further their studies via various means: on-line class, local Sunday Chinese school www.greatwallchineseacademy.org, tutor, or self-study, or continue in College. Chinese is not that hard to learn. On the first day, my message to the students is: Chinese is not hard, it is just different. And I keep that promise throughout the two years.

Two versions of Chinese: Simplified vs Traditional. We learn Simplified Chinese, which is used in Mainland China. The difference is that Traditional Chinese characters (mainly taught and used in Taiwan and Hong Kong) have lots more strokes to write than the Simplified version.