Mathematics IB Grading Rubric

Mathematics RVMS - IB MYP

Objective: Through knowledge, understanding,investigating patterns, communicating about math, and applying math in familiar and unfamiliar contexts students will strive to improve their mathematical skills in our ever changing global society.


IB Grading scale (IC conversion)

Work Habits

Content Grade

4 = Exceeds Expectations (A)


3 = Meets Expectations (B)


2 = Inconsistently meets Expectations (C)


1 = Rarely meets expectations (U)


0= Insufficient Evidence (U)

Based upon P.A.C.K.-



Actively Engaged,


Kind and Safe



Based upon IB Criterions (A,B,C,D):

A: Knowing and Understanding,

B: Investigating Patterns

C: Communicating,

D: Application of math in real life contexts


Tasks Based on CO Academic  Standards(1,2, 3,4):  

Number Sense, Patterns, and Operations,

Patterns, Functions, and Algebraic Structures,

Analysis, Statistics and Probability,

Shape, Dimension, and Geometric Relationships