*IB Rubrics and Grading information

IB Generic Rubrics

*These rubrics are subject to change based on the assignment*


IB Grading and Work habits

  • There are 4 criterions in each subject area.
  • The grading scale is from 1-8. These numbers turn into letter grades in order to meet National Requirements. (RVMS does award and communicate grades through IC) -more details below.
  • There are 2 different grades on IC: (it's usually updated weekly)
    • Work Habits ( PACK and Assignments)
    • Content Knowledge ( Assessments and Projects-based on the 4 IB criterions) At the end of each Quarter, students will receive a Final grade.

    Important: Student who does not pass this class with a minimum of a B as the total of the entire year, is recommended to re-take the language or choose a different one (eg. French or Chinese).