7 Tundra notes/classwork/homework

Important dates for the quarter:
10/19--need binder and spiral in classroom
11/16--SEW Assessment
12/14--Iron Chef Project Due
12/18--Health Eating Written Assessment
12/19--Healthy snack party and presentation
(quizzes will also occur but those dates are TBD)

11/12-Begin working on your practice test. It will be attached to day.
Constructive feedback
Give feedback 1 on 1 not in front of others; don't mention past mistakes; praise good points first before mentioning mistakes; focus on the problem not the person
Receiver: consider the reason for the feedback; focus on the message--helpful advice; ask questions to help you understand their point of view
Conflict Resolution
Take a time out before confronting the other person (count to 10 or take a few minutes)
A-allow each person to tell their side uninterrupted
L-let each person ask a question of the other
K-keep brainstorming to find a win-win solution
Practice test for 7th grade SEW Assessment.pdf

11/9-Deputy Martin Presentation--On-line--What's real or not
Fake news, Predators and Human trafficking
Fact checking:
Who created it?
For whom was it created?
When was it created?
Was it changed in any way?

1. Check the source--look at url-double check spelling and domaine, look at news tab to see if others are reporting it
2. reverse images to see if they appear elsewhere
3. check your biases---go to other website to check 
4. check your gut--if something feels weird
5. Breath--take a deep breath and wait before you post

Don't let strangers in your house--they are in your house when they come in on-line
Predators Groom---they want TRUST and SECRECY ----they will have the same favorites as you--they will take your side especially against your parents, become your BFF online, keep your secrets and if you don't do what they say they will "tell" about you---THESE ARE PREDATORS!!!

Human Trafficking--you are sold, typically for sex, the police go after the person who did this to you. Average age 12-14.

 THINK ............before you SEND
Should I ...
Is the purpose.........    (SEND)
Sexual, secretive,            safe
Embarrassing, exciting,    enjoyable
Naive, needy,                  noble
Dangerous, deviant,         delightful
 5 Ps---Used by Predators and Human Traffickers
1. pretend :to act like someone your age
2. promise :you great things
3. provider: offer to take care of you
4. protector: use intimidation and control
5. Punisher: Uses threats and violence to control you

Deputy Martin- Digital Citizenship Notes
Emotional IQ: the ability to perceive, use, manage or understand emotions--- can only be improved between face to face contact. 80% of success. develops empathetic behavior, brings real world in sight, helps to develop better relationships,
have adult mentors, 

Ways to be a better digital citizen:
be neighborly, know the site before you text-post-write
know where the site is from, block numbers, if something is sexual in nature report it to parents immediately, if something is threatening or mean, report it to parents immediately, make your passwords unique, privacy settings, go out of your way to make someone's day.
Your social media is your "Business"--be sure you are marketing yourself well. colleges and jobs can look into your social media. Everything online can be brought up today, 10 years from now or 20 years from now--do you really want what you placed online out there for your future?

cyberbullying--5 tips:
1. don't respond or retaliate
2. block phone numbers, screen names, emails
3. save the evidence-take screen shots
4. report it
5. Tell a trusted adult--it is standing up for yourself

When sending a text or posting on line----RETHINK!!!!! what was said vs why it was said. what was said is not important, you are priceless!!! Do not agree with people on line--agree with people who are closest to you!! You are priceless!!!

Controlling texts-----report texts or posts if they make you uncomfortable. Pornography is a problem. Sexual pictures can pop up easily--always report those problems. Sexting--sending or receiving sexual pictures is against the law. Can haunt a person forever because once you hit send you cannot take it back. 

11/7--Quiz tomorrow on passive, assertive, aggressive statements; I statements; win-win, win-lose, lose-win, lose-lose
We practiced  and reviewed P/As/Ag statements and I statements today.


Win-win: both people get what they want or can be happy with
ex: "Let's go to dinner"
"Let's go to the movies"
"Lets go to dinner then the movies."
Win-lose: the person is aggressive and get's what they want at the expense of the other person's desires
ex: "We are going to the movies"
"But we always do what you want"
"Yeah, so..."
"Okay, whatever"

Taking the blame or being walked on so the others don't feel bad--a pleaser at all costs
Ex: "Why don't we just go to the movies. My idea idea wouldn't matter anyways"

Neither succeeds, neither gets what they want--both are aggressive and wont give in
ex: "Let's go to the Movies"
"Let's go to Dinner"
"That's stupid"
"I don';t want to go to the movies"
"Forget it--I don't want to do anything."
"Me either"

11/5--Homework due Wed------------------the directions are below:
On a separate write a passive, assertive and aggressive response for the situation (be sure they are labeled correctly and you use quotation marks) and
change the two "You" statements to "I" statements

1"You don't care what I think"_________________________________________________________
2. "You're always making me late"______________________________________________________

Your sister borrowed your favorite hoodie without permission.

 Passive statement_____________________________________________________________________________

 Assertive statement__________________________________________________________________________

 Aggressive statement________________________________________________________________________

Passive: the person is quiet and gives in easily and gets walked on
Assertive: the person stands up for themselves and thinks of the other person too
Aggressive: Loud, demanding, doesn't care about the other person's feelings

I statements--stand up for themselves without blaming others. 
Sentences state with "I think..." or "I feel..." DOES NOT use "you"

examples: "
You never let me do anything"
I statement "I feel I never get to do anything"
"You don't include me!"
"I feel I am never included"

11/1--orally practicing the genuine listening notes from yesterday--
Notes: How do you start sentences to show:
Listening with your eyes---" I see that..." ,
Listening with your ears: "I hear that..." or "It sounds like.."
Standing in their shoes: "I understand how you feel about/when...."
                                   "I 've felt that way too when...."
Mirroring: "It sounds like you feel...", "I can see that you are feeling...",
               "So, as i see it...","You're feeling that..." "So, what you're saying is..."

10/31-Happy Halloween----QUIZ ON FRIDAY!!!
Genuine listening Notes:
Mirroring-repeating in your own words, warm and caring, 
Listen with eyes, ears, heart: eyes-pay attention to body language; ears--to the words that are said; Heart--tone used and feelings shown/said
Stand in their shoes: feel what they are feeling (empathy), think of their point of view

10/30--SOS with Ms. DuVal Prevention Sources of Strength

10/29-Mission statement
We created words to live by reading Habit 2-- Begin With The End in Mind

The Great Discovery.
Please answer the following and bring them with you to class if you were absent. 
1. Qualities that I want to develop/have are.......
2. In 20 years the most important people who will be in my life are...and I will be doing....
3. Who or what would I be willing to cross two skyscrapers for?
4. I was deeply inspired when....
5. 10 things I love to do....
6. If I could learn about anything it would be...
7. 5 years from now I hope they will be able to say about me...
8. Create a simile for yourself--I am like a ------because.......
9. If I could, I would spend an hour with.... because....
10. My talents are.....

 10/25-Can do attitude-Take initiative to make things happen; Think about solutions and options; Act
Power tools of being proactive--take time to pause!!!
self-awareness-stand apart from self and observe
conscience-right from wrong
imagination-envision new possibilities
willpower-power to choose

10/24-strength day-abs
We practiced using the reactive and proactive language for various situations--example: Your mom promised to buy you shoes a month ago, but you came home and found out she bout your little sister new shoes today. 

Watched video "No arms, no legs, no worries

Exit-What is something you need to be more proactive about--how will you do that?

 10/23--Mindfulness: parts of the brain--amygdala(fight, flight, freeze, fawn), hippocampus,(memories) prefrontal cortex (thinking, decision-making)
Habit 1--Be Proactive--You have the remote control of your life!
Reactive language--I'll try; That's just the way I am; There's nothing I can do; I have to; I can't; You ruined my day
Proactive language-- I'll do it; I can do better than that; Let's look at all the options; I choose to; There's gotta be a way; I'm not going to let your bad mood rub off on me

10/22--cardio day
Passed out learning graph and work habits graph--please see me if you were absent--they are in the back of the room for you
Planner--we scheduled our weekly plans to help keep us organized.

 10/19-Homework: Binder/spiral due!!!!!!!!!
Presentations of the Private victory occurred

10/18-Homework: Please bring 3 ring binder (1 inch or 1/2 inch) and a single subject spiral notebook by Friday at the latest
Notes: The Private Victory
Keep Promises to Yourself
Do Small Acts of Kindness
Be Gentle with Yourself
Be Honest
Renew Yourself
Tap Into your Talents

10/17-Homework: Please bring 3 ring binder (1 inch or 1/2 inch) and a single subject spiral notebook by Friday at the latest
set up clock partners
Notes: 7 habits
habit 1--Be Proactive
Habit 2- Begin with the End in Mind
Habit 3- Put First things First
Habit 4-Think Win-Win
Habit 5-Seek First to understand, Then be Understood.
Habit 6--Synergize
Habit 7-Sharpen the Saw
Paradigm--your beliefs, perspectives, the way you see things

10/16-Homework: Please bring 3 ring binder (1 inch or 1/2 inch) and a single subject spiral notebook by Friday at the latest
Notes: 3 sides of the health triangle--social health--communication, relationships;
 physical health-sleeping, healthy eating, disease prevention, exercise ;
emotional/mental health--stress and stress management, feelings, mental disorders, mindfulness
10/15--Intro, seating. Homework: Please bring 3 ring binder (1 inch or 1/2 inch) and a single subject spiral notebook by Friday at the latest