Online Learning-Welcome to 4th Quarter
Tuesday, Mach 2th:

Go to Khan Academy.  You will use your school account to create a login.  You are going to be using, “A single Sign-in Code” which is :

Period 7 Only  TW7MHZ5Y

Today, I just want to make sure you all create an account connected to your correct class period.  Tomorrow when you sign-in, you will have assignments. You will have a video or videos assigned to watch and practice problems to try.  I will get notification that you watched the videos (I would recommend taking notes) and I will receive the score on how many problems you get correct-do your BEST!!

Wednesday, March 25:
Please watch the video first.  Take notes if needed and watch it more than once if needed.  Then, do the practice problems.

Period 7 Only  TW7MHZ5Y