*Expectations in class

You are expected to...

  • Bring a pencil, a notebook and a folder.
  • Try to have colored pencils, glue and scissors. 
  • Use Google classroom ​(for more information here).
  • Do/turn in all homework in class every Wednesday.
  • Check the "Daily Notes Spanish 1A" whenever you are absent or need a reminder of what was done that day. (this is in google classroom as well)
  • Be a member of the PACK (Prepared, Actively engaged, Cooperative, Kind and Safe) --Eg. Bring a pencil, participate or help others to participate and understand everyone is learning, and not on the same pace.
  • Ask questions and take notes
  • Read the class syllabus (agreement at the bottom of the syllabus)

Google classroom code here:

Spanish 1A-________ Spanish 1B-________