*How do I know if am I studying and what can I do in order to do so?

Learning a second or even a third language is not an easy job. As a foreign language teacher I have a few tips that I want you to keep in mind in order to keep up with the class and reach your goals.


  • 1. Keep up with your assignments- Is a good way to practice and review for a quiz or test. A language class is just like Science or Math, is a highly sequential process.
  • 2. Study 10 minutes every single day- This is a daily homework that will ensure a solid foundation in the language and save you time as you prepare for assessments.
  • 3.Read, speak and listen to the language in many ways-Movies, radio stations, music, tv shows are a great source for you to get used to the language.
  • 4.Have fun with the language- integrate Spanish to your daily basis. Don't be scare of accents and pronunciation. Part of learning a language is to change our ability to think, speak and see life.
  • 5. Think in the language!
  • 6. Listen for what others say and mentally build images of their answers, in the language itself.


Understanding that doing work or homework is not studying.