Laura Ibbotson Dimensions of Math

Welcome to Dimensions of Math! I am looking forward to a terrific year building skills for math success! I am available for help before school at 7:05 a.m., after school until 3:15 p.m., and during Enrichment time. Feel free to contact me anytime at:  

1st period: Dimensions of Math

2nd period: Dimensions of Math

3rd period: Dimensions of Math

4th period: Dimensions of Math

5th period: Dimensions of Math

7th Grade Lunch

7th Grade Enrichment: 7 Tundra students

6th period: Dimensions of Math

7th period: Planning Time

8th period: Planning Time


Google Classroom Codes: 
Dimensions of Math:  hpprez6
Enrichment: 25cc4a3


ALEKS MATH:  Students may log in anytime to practice their skills
and increase their level.  Our goal is to log in around 90 minutes per week.

Cool Math Games:  Silly
pictures, silly game titles, fun graphics, all kinds of topics, and educationally-sound content makes this website tons of fun for kids who want to learn and have fun at the
same time. From Papa’s Taco Mia to Cyclops Physics, this website will keep children learning and wanting to explore more about math!

Math Playground:  This
website offers fun activities to inspire math interest in the areas of algebra, 
trigonometry, geometry, angles, percentages, coordinates, and more. Play games
and explore topics that relate to real world experiences.

Fun Brain:  Math Arcade, Math Baseball,
and Tic Tac Toe Squares are just a few of the fun games for your brain on this silly website. Appealing graphics and lots of different topics in a variety of learning
areas, this website will keep learners coming back for more with popular games
like Sudoku.

Hooda Math Games:  With new games every
week, Hooda Math always has something new to offer in the categories of
geometry and arithmetic. This site makes learning interesting with a variety of
different games and topics. Beyond fact recognition, this site helps children apply
math concepts into the real world with games like Real Estate Fun, Inn Keeper,
and Cargo Math.

Mr. Nussbaum Math Games:   Separated
by grade level, Mr. Nussbaum’s website has games that encourage young learners to practice graphing, rounding, multiplication, other math facts, and many more
topics. Sports-themed games that reinforce important math concepts will appeal
to boys and girls, and students of all ages.

Funny Math Games:   Arcade- 
style games and puzzles will make learning math concepts even more fun. You can
destroy enemy tanks by solving problems, prove your math wisdom to number
ninjas, and battle your way through epic battles, all while learning math!